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Before imports and exports of foreign trade of machinery of our country tailor o
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According to Italy " 24 hours of suns sign up for " report, statistical data shows, output of Italian agriculture machinery grew somewhat 2005, among them quantity of tractor total work off is 84500, grow 2.3 % compared to the same period. Agricultural machinery total turnover amounted to 6.905 billion euro 2005, grow 1.2% compared to the same period. Occupy the personage inside course of study to forecast, if exchange rate of euro add dollar is appropriate, product of Italian agriculture machinery was returned 2006 increase production, export volume also will increase subsequently.
Before this year 7 months, imports and exports of foreign trade of machinery of our country tailor obtained delectable result. According to custom statistic, machinery of our country tailor is overall first half of the year this year amount of imports and exports is 659 million dollar, export 445 million dollar among them, grow 39 % compared to the same period, import 214 million dollar, drop compared to the same period 17 % .
Look from the surface, because outlet of clothing of our country spin is boycotted,this is, drop somewhat to importing the demand of tailor equipment consequently; At the same time international order is transferred to a few developing countries, make these areas jump to the demand of equipment, stimulated the machine export of our country. But also can see at the same time, our country increases somewhat in the competitive actual strength on the international market this year, the foreign trade of equipment of our country tailor is moving toward the new pattern with quality benefit get victory from quantitative price competition.

The our country tailor that from custom total arrange releases is mechanical 1 - in light of the export volume statistic July, industrial sewing machine grows 44.28 % compared to the same period, the part grows 28.02 % compared to the same period, this mark is worn of catenary of industry of sewing machine of our country industry be perfected further and mature. The commerce limitation that spin dress encounters makes many order for goods flows to abroad, below such test industry of equipment of our country tailor proved his competitive actual strength. Tailor equipment market faces international big market of the whole world namely originally, is confine is on home market not just, it is so in the competition of the international market, the product quality of the enterprise and comprehensive strength are the key of get victory.

From our country industrial chance extension was planted first half of the year 2005 in light of crop circumstance, smooth seam machine, whipstitch machine and stretch tight seam plane stability to grow, growth range is controlled in 10 % , keyhole machine and hammer buckle machine growth driving, amplitude is 138 % are mixed respectively 33 % . Also can see equipment of our country tailor from which not only quality has rise apparently, also expand ceaselessly on line of the products, product structure advantage is more clear.
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