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Before 106 Tianjin end this year December produce electric car to export America
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Information of Xinhua News Agency recently, carry of lading of 6 when produce by Tianjin electric cars goes to the United States. By this year December before, still will use of 100 electric cars goes to the United States, 106 electric cars will put in the market in the United States.

6 when export this to the United States electric cars use car by report of Tianjin clear source finite liability company develops production, this is the pure electric car of the 2nd batch of exit United States of clear source company. Finite liability company becomes motor-car of report of Tianjin clear source up to now the whole nation realizes exit exclusively, the pure electric car that has successfully commercializing operational produces a business.

Be in early this year in April, company of Tianjin clear source exports 6 pure electric cars of American successfully, undertake make one's rounds exhibits conduct propaganda. Through the test of American agency, very satisfactory to the each function index of this car, market echo is pretty good. This year September, company of beautiful direction clear source ordered 106 pure electric cars.

In at present the sources of energy is mixed environmental protection more and more the times that is taken seriously, development is developed and use electric car energetically, it is the optimal way that solves problem of this two catastrophe undoubtedly. Company of Tianjin clear source exports pure electric car this to the United States, indicating our country is dynamoelectric the car begins industrialization production. The personage inside course of study expresses, this will become our country electric car to overtake a breach of world advanced level.

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