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Want hardware industry high to do poineering work difficultly enter a big indust
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Qiu Yang is illuminated high, workshop connects the cloud. When China (want high) during forum of hardware estate development is wanting city high to hold, writer poet sends deep feeling greatly here, "Want high to dig gold, lift brillantly, be marvelous! "

Want high " dig gold " those who dig is small not the metal fittings of character. Can taste this miscarriage make it big industry, be surely by the country " base of industry of Chinese building hardware " , this one " small " one " big " , from " small " arrive " big " development is bouncing, with vibrant not important, important is to explore among them experience and enlightenment. Assemble of company of many 2000 hardware 50000 much people from course of study, and be start from poor, this is a miracle clearly. Want Long Qijiang of secretary of municipal Party committee high to say: The experience that wants metal fittings high is, not with course of study small and do not be, small product dare make big industry, big industry develops large dominant position. In immersing oneself in the tall VIP with hardworking, steady deal with concrete matters relating to work to be built in economy not only all along, shined " the industry grows " ace, have the hope of hero of contest of industry of the sea crosscurrent more. ;

The miscarriage that wants high today tastes bizarre and motley of hardware it may be said, multifarious. Have car, adornment, furniture, tool, daily expense, water among them warm, building 7 kinds of big 2000 many breed, come greatly aircraft component, small to door window shake handshandle, breed full of beautiful things in eyes, have everything that one expects to find. Tall VIP says haughtily: In the market any hardware products, wanting high to be able to find corresponding manufacturer home! ;

Do poineering work difficultly enter a big market;

Respecting wants hardware high, have to say with metal fittings famed Jinli is pressed down, and metal fittings of respecting gold interest, also have to say those who work to do poineering work with return to one's native place to that batch goes out at first " hardware person " . Before hardware industry of Jin Li is liberated, had appeared, and real progress rises, it is in initial stage of reforming and opening. The golden interest person at that time goes bead trigonometry develops the one belt such as area, Hong Kong, Macao works fend, after acquiring a technology, not reconciled to is become all one's life " young worker " , then will advanced technology and information bring back home town, the metal fittings that did domestic mill type adds workshop, oneself should have a boss. After savor benefit, one runs a plant, drive whole village, formed everybody to run a plant eagerly, the innumberable families makes hardware, the development atmosphere of type of hardware industry fission. Be in 1992 to two years of 1993, jinli presses down hardware to process the amount of field, go to many 300 by many original 20 rapid development.
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