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Period price general achieves nonferrous metal the history is new tall
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Latter international option market period price takes each variety aggravate of situation become divided, achieve in succession in most nonferrous metal piece historic new tall while, the produce futures such as soja innovates repeatedly however low.

Besides a few rare metal such as nickel, price of nonferrous metal futures achieves a history at the same time almost in Zhou Yi evening new tall. In precious metal, international gold price also breaks through 500 dollars to close greatly for a time yesterday, highest feeling 502.3 dollars, this is the apogee that comes 18 years. The history that the price of another precious metal platinic gold also starts a 278 dollars is new tall.

Zinc is become recently the most dazzling star breed on the market. Period zinc receives month of LME3 of of the previous night sign up for 1690 dollars, achieve a high price of 15 years of antecedents history, and refresh 1997 " incident of individual plant smelt metal " when the historical record of 1674 dollars. Lead of another nonferrous metal, in LME Zhou Yi evening newspaper receives 1017 dollars, this is this metal 25 years the top price since. Likewise notable is aluminous, zhou Yi LME receives 2117 dollars of newspaper / ton, dish in once more refresh 10 years of 5 histories that start the 2105 dollars that give are recorded last week. Although LME period copper is in country store bureau release copper of inventory, Shanghai period to take soft effect, rise to be shown a bit lack of power, but at present the price is approached once more last week the 4242 dollars of 4 hundred years new tall, go up situation still do not decrease.

Notable is, in nonferrous metal ceaseless refresh history records period price while, period price is in produce however ceaseless sound foundation. CBOT soja and corn achieve 544.2 cent and the low of 187.4 cent respectively yesterday, relatively maximum price drops this year a nearly 40 % . Dalian soja brunt 605 agreement continue to achieve yesterday give 2509 yuan of low, a few days ago already the price when fall after a rise is started to prices of the beginning of the year.

Analytic personage thinks, bring about nonferrous metal period price climbs the main factor that rise to remain China's exuberant consumption ceaselessly. Shanghai metaphase introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Kathy points out, the commodity futures 1973 is super in bovine city, the new economic system such as Japan, Germany rises abruptly, the dollar encounters lay mines pauses of silvan system break down, after 32 years there is repeating power again it seems that today, nevertheless leading role became China. Not only Chinese demand growth is swift and violent, whole Asia demand increases also very driving, increase last centuries the undercapitalize of 90 time, cause a lot of basic metals to supply insecurity to be driven rise in price.

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Kathy thinks, the China of economic change quickly is long-term to metallic demand, and the India of follow closely China, Russia, Brazil forms " golden brick Shikoku " giant disappear is arduous, make battle of this resource contention just is started; Basic metal had entered taller price interval, namely " super total cycle time " ; Market of metal of investment of many index fund already was long-term behavior; This creates energy of life of metallic market ox namely towering, period price achieves the history repeatedly new tall real reason. Produce futures with nonferrous metal period price parts company, a main reason is to was hit short-term consumption by the influence of avian flu element, the feature that produce consumes circularly makes its take situation and resource kind product polarity.
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