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Option market of 29 days of oil comments on bourse of new York commerce the situ
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Futures of NYMEX crude oil 29 days of closing quotation drop, closing quotation of futures of crude oil of light in January qualitative low sulfur drops 86 cent, to every pails of 56.5 dollars; Predicting energy market will maintain downtrend. Integrated dispatches from foreign news agency reported on November 30, new York business reachs place (futures of NYMEX) crude oil 29 days of closing quotation drop, close at 57 dollars / under the bucket, suffer come from American oil to supply divide area weather with American ministry amply relatively all the year round warm pressure.

NYMEX1 month pledges closing quotation of futures of low sulfur crude oil drops gently 86 cent, to every pails of 56.5 dollars, it is this month up to now price of closing quotation of the 2nd lowest. Gasoline futures closed at every gallon in December 1.3951 dollars, drop 2.31 cent; Warmed oneself in December oily futures contract drops 2.59 cent, close at every gallon 1.6097 dollars. In December futures Yu Benzhou 3 expire, closing quotation price is more active agreement dropped considerably January.

before department of energy of 3 United States publishs a report, the sources of energy trades to continue finally to close low. Predicting energy department reports will again interest is light. The warm weather of bank of American the East China Sea makes warm oneself oily demand is affected significantly. Warmed oneself in December oily be a burden on its continue to be down, warmed oneself in January oil is slow drop, but fund of the experience before closing quotation sells dish.

Canada oil yielded in September drop 78 thousand pails / day, go to 2.952 million pails / day; Relatively 4 years the corresponding period drops 113 thousand pails / day.

Report of management board of resource of American mineral products still has 564 thousand pails / of the day produce can or hold total output of American thalassic oil of 37.62% produce can shut.

Housing card company is adjusted 29 days to have flow and shut refinery day of its Texas DeerPark to produce refinery of 340 thousand Valero to plan to be in the CorpusChristi refine factory of heart city to increase a hydrogen sulfide that exceeds low sulfur derv to handle equipment.

Report of American energy department makes Zhou San early likely dish trade tend conservative, nevertheless, area weather will be driven predicting United States warm oneself oily demand. Warmed oneself in January oil will get from inside this weather variation on the weekend trifling prop up.

Ou Peike reduction in production may be very minor in December, especially the Northern Hemisphere already entered winter to use oily season. Predicting energy market will maintain downtrend.

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