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Innovation must cater to market need
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16 of the party 5 in plenary meeting about " 915 " in the proposal of the program, much place weighs Mo Jiang to move own innovation. Own innovation should rely on national concentrated force to measure on one hand, the organization tackles key problem, strive for the breakthrough is obtained on project of great scientific research, also want to rely on 1 billion enterprises to take an active part in on the other hand, innovate ceaselessly in oneself economic activity, in order to implement the change of growth pattern. The author thinks, the innovation of the enterprise must cater to market need, rely on innovation to extend the market, and cannot be to play appraise through comparison, get award of progress of what science and technology, wanting to want what nobel prize more.

In the west present-day economics says in, xiong Bite develop a school of one's own, founded " innovation is academic " . This says pair of China enterprises how to innovate below market system not without referenced meaning. According to Xiong Bite's view, innovation is different from an invention, not be concept of a technology, however economic concept. Alleged innovation is " build a kind of new production function " , introduce a kind to never pass namely about factor of production and manufacturing condition " new combination " . Specific say, innovation includes: Introduce new product, cite those who control raw material is new market of new technology, open up, new 5 kinds of circumstances such as the new organization that supply and realizes an enterprise. He thinks, only " innovation " ability is brought " the opportunity of gain " , dare only stick one's chin out, introduce the invention the entrepreneur that produces a system just is " the person that innovate " .

In market economy, the opportunity of gain is only of course in the market. Accordingly, measure innovation to succeed the standard can be to see its only whether cater to market need. Car king Ford should say the innovate person that is a success. The car is not Ford invention, however of European invention. But at that time the plaything that European artifical car is a noble only. Ford saw in land extensive, people natural disposition likes the United States that migrates ceaselessly, the car will be one kind wants than carriage quick much vehicle, can have broad market. Although he is built car and European about the same, also be a 4 wheel, steering wheel, but he uses new production to organize means, namely automation line big batch produces kind, fall car price to elementary school teacher year the level of salary, develop thereby gave big market of a hundred years unabated.

Similar case still has Mcdonald's snack store. The fleshy clip steamed bun that the making craft of hamburger still does not have our China is complex, go without the person dug is who sends clear hamburger. But the operator of Mcdonald's realises, in the big industry times of fast rhythm, the market needs what can big batch supplies to there is certain quality to assure in the respect such as wholesome, nutrition, and the snack provision that the price can accept for masses place again. Producer of their standardization big industry times, big batch type cites to be produced to snack in, biscuit clip hamburger this kind of simple food make it pervade great deal of the whole world, also be the successful person that innovate.
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