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Formulate of dominant of You Baogang of brigadier of label of car board state
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Bao Gang develops for years in all previous classics hind, index of productivity, technology achieved car board world advanced level, formulate of dominant of You Baogang of brigadier of label of car board state, try hard through each, the car that forms our country board standard system. This was a few days ago in what Shanghai holds seminar of level of car board state uploads the information that give.

Our country is the product that advanced car manufacturer offers international, it is strict ask according to the user " degree the body is custom-built " , those who use all is technical standard of abroad. Current, domestic car manufacturer to the car board the requirement has each different, lack uniform standard, accordingly, the formulate of level of car board state is imperative.

Come for years, bao Gang is with satisfying user requirement continuously oneself, great progress was obtained in car board development, production, aid goodly to arrived since the development of our country auto industry postpone action. Advancing while car board is produced, bao Gang realized the difference of field of level of car board state, seek the opinion of steely enterprise and each car manufacturer, proposal formulate is relevant national level.

On the seminar, steely enterprise and each car manufacturer delegate are right the respect such as function of car board product, producer type offerred requirement and proposal. Everybody expresses to want to draw lessons from, system of standard of shirt-sleeve each country, cooperate Bao Gang to draft, formulate car board national level, the car that makes our country has him at an early date board standard system.

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