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Special Note toy can not be ignored in measuring the calibration
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Recently, the inspection and quarantine departments within the jurisdiction of a toy for the export of wooden toys in Europe a country site inspection, found the puzzle toy products in the presence of small parts, which can not meet EU EN71-1 standard on toys for children under 3 years of age can not be contains small parts requirement, then as unqualified, and finishing rework the goods required. After investigation, the two types of enterprises as the toy export companies, their products have a certain self-test self-control, the design of products were greater than 31.7mm size of the smallest components into the small parts cylinder and can not meet EU EN71 standards, the first enterprise pieces of sample preparation to send to third-party testing organization TUV test qualified. "Design of qualified and unqualified products, TUV testing standards are not qualified and tested" case is rare, inspection and quarantine personnel immediately for product design, the first confirmed cases, car wood processing, coating technology, product packaging and other aspects one by one investigation found that When the first full production pieces designed by customers to sample production, so the first items the same size and customer requirements, then test qualified. The mass production, the product size by the enterprise Lab "small parts cylinder" test confirmed that the production, and the laboratory "small parts cylinder" calibrated without the inspection department, "small parts cylinder" diameter of only 30mm, and accurate value of 31.7mm there is a big deviation, leading to the final product size is generally small, does not comply with EN71 standard, leading to scrap the whole lot. Inspection and quarantine departments to remind the toy exporters, toy testing standards for measuring whether the production of toy products directly related to consistency, measuring improper use can easily lead to mass production of substandard goods and hope in the product development, manufacturing and other sectors to strengthen inspection and quarantine departments, consulting foreign laws and regulations, technical guidance for technology to effectively protect their own interests, to enhance the international reputation of export toys.
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