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The new progress of PCBN cutting tool and trend are looked into
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1. The advantage  of material of PCBN cutting tool

The field is created in machining, cutting processing technique has been entered with high speed milling, CNC muti_function cutting, imperceptible appearance / cutting exceeding essence of life those who be a delegate change innovation period. Meanwhile, of cutting cutting tool change innovation also had new progress. The cutting tool stuff that shows level is dominant with coating hard alloy, limits of highest cutting speed 300 ~ 600m/min. Can forecast, the development that cutting high speed will change henceforth will be more swift and violent, when the freeboard of 1000m/min above fast cutting times comes when, PCBN will be the strongest cutting tool data, have huge advantage.

(1) the comparative advantage with diamond 

CBN (cubic nitrogen changes boron) normal temperature hardness is next to diamond, and its hot conductibility and the thermochemistry stability that fasten a metal to iron criterion excel diamond. Diamond cutting tool applies to the cutting treatment of nonferrous metal and its alloy only, and the cutting treatment that PCBN cutting tool also applies to black metal and its alloy. 

(2) the comparative advantage with hard alloy 

PCBN (get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boron) stability of high temperature chemistry and hard alloy of red rigid excel, it is high speed cutting the material of optimal cutting tool of tall hard data. The content that the cutting character of PCBN cutting tool follows CBN, granuality and bond differ phyleticly and change. Development does not have the single-phase PCBN of bond successfully recently, be changed in cutting high speed and raise respect of cutting tool life to be expected to achieve more remarkable result. Content of the CBN in PCBN is higher, wearability is taller, dan Ren sex is reduced somewhat, use at if stand,the interrupted cutting such as mill is machined especially, in condition of cutting blade appearance, cutting (cut deep amount especially) wait for a respect to should take special the way to deal with a situation, in order to ensure the intensity of cutting blade, produce the advantage of PCBN cutting tool adequately. For example, use PCBN and head of hard alloy ball to establish milling of milling cutter high speed from hard steel when, mix by cutting speed the comparison of cutting tool life is knowable, PCBN cutting tool has preeminent life performance. When the tall hard steel that establishs above of HRC60 of milling of milling cutter high speed with PCBN, can realize the freeboard that exceeds 2000m/min fast high accuracy cutting. Although have not affirm ever since knife range produces rate of fast tatty cutting, but the high temperature hardness as a result of PCBN cutting tool is exceedingly good, because this can be used at doing type cutting. In less than of range of cutting speed limit, can discover cutting rate is higher, life of PCBN cutting tool jumps over long phenomenon, this is the distinctive property that the place of other cutting tool such as hard alloy does not have. PCBN cutting tool also shows very tall cutting tool life in cast-iron cutting treatment, be in from inferior cutting speed till inside the speed limits of high speed cutting, all can achieve favorable treatment result. In car spare parts (wait like engine cylinder body) bore hole in treatment, PCBN cutting tool is shown high accuracy, efficient the characteristic with macrobian life. By ash of high speed milling the cutting tool with cast-iron mouth wears away characteristic example is knowable, 500 ~ 2000m/min is the cutting speed limits that is helpful for developing cutting tool life performance. 
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