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Japanese mechanical order is cut down 11% enlarge overhand haze to boom
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Japanese ministerial government office announced 7-9 month end 10 days, namely the data of mechanical order statistic of 3 quarters shows this year, control prices of future of installation cost of the folk inside Japan " the civilian demand besides eliminate shipping, electric power " (season is adjusted after) decreased first quarter than going up 11.1% . Will look according to current findings, this is scale slides the biggest since April 1987 oneself.
Whether can the time that at present boom enlarges exceed 4 years of 9 months equipment to suffer all circles to pay close attention to, and pull those who use the installation cost that its rise to reduced its to cheat a shadow. The view that cautious attitude holds on the market nowadays increases somewhat, whether will the impetus that boom enlarges continue to become more unidentified henceforth bright.

Data of mechanical order statistic is to master half an year later installation cost tendercy, the order amount of 280 rigid production businesses of whole nation of Japan of summary of Japanese ministerial government office and the result that reach, 7-9 month is 3 million 83.5 billion yen. Smooth September this one month, decreased in January than going up 7.4% it is 997.5 billion yen only, this is since May 2005 when lie between 1 year 4 months tumble defeat 1 million yen to close greatly. For this, japanese ministerial government office reduced judgement fiducial, from up to now " increase fundamental key " changed " enter retreat forward elapse " .

Before 7-9 month is not manufacturing industry to also be compared decreased first quarter 14.3% . Because be the same as,carry the reductive of installation cost order related the phone especially communication course of study (with go up to compare the carrying trade that reduces traffic of 22.2%) , railroad to glide first quarter (with on photograph comparing reduces 26.6%) to attribute the most stagnant trade first quarter.

Manufacturing industry decreases compared to the same period 2.9% , steely course of study decreases compared to the same period 46.6% , paper and pulp industry decrease compared to the same period 59.4% , industry of product of oil, coal decreases compared to the same period 50.6% , pull the industry related the raw material that uses boom to also fall substantially recently repeatedly drop.

Estimation of Japanese ministerial government office is in the fourth quarter of 10-12 month, will increase first quarter than going up 5.7% , , restore 3 million 200 billion yen, but the about 3 million of month of short of 4-6 400 billion yen.

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