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Future center of research and development of above of 3/4 of the transnational c
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International business signs up for center of research and development of comprehensive information world to be being transferred to the developing country that heads with China and India. Sai Ailun of rich of United States of company of famous advisory management announced a few days ago " innovation of 2006 year whole world reports " allege, the center of 3/4 above research and development that the transnational corporation inside 3 years establishs future mixes settle China India. This report is the compose on the foundation that the strategy of research and development that crosses state-owend enterprise trade in before 1000 most to defray of global research and development studies. The report shows, 2000 to between 2005, transnational corporation grew 17% in the investment of research and development of China and India, the amplitude that is in Japan is 3.8% , it is in European amplitude 5.2% .
The report shows, the move of center of world research and development to China and India is already long-standing already formed a trend. The report points out, seeking cost of low research and development already was the main motive that transnational corporation transfers center of research and development to the developing country no longer, replacing reason is market of press close to is mixed obtain more easily include personnel of research and development inside resource of research and development. China has the engineer of new finish school of 250 thousand above every year, can reduce cost substantially, in addition when developing new product but better the demand that gets used to these rising markets.

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