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Companies of 500 Jiang Zaihua foreign capital appear a certain number of new cha
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"Greenbelt invests " fall slightly, "Aureate investment " violent wind rises
Investigation returns discovery: 2005, transnational corporation is in China investment entered a new period, its are basic the characteristic is, with manufacturing industry industrial perhaps the foreign investment company that is a foundation decreases somewhat, and rise quickly what serve as a foundation with capital movement. 2005, countrywide manufacturing industry uses foreign capital actually (namely " greenbelt invests " ) , for forty-two billion four hundred and fifty-three million dollar, dropped than last year 1.31% . And financial industry uses foreign capital actually 2005, namely " aureate investment " , reach twelve billion three hundred and one million dollar, increased than last year 4772.07% ! Financial industry is become those who be next to manufacturing industry the 2nd bring greatly endowment branch. What value as a result of financial capital is the possibility that the RMB appreciates, and recombine through the enterprise, enterprise annex even the huge profit that the capital such as business failure runs place to bring. The speculation feature of financial capital is apparent, have potential menace to financial safety of China.

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