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Heart " economic weekly " : German future decides at China
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Germany " economic weekly " report: Still be in when us wallow in the past, consideration how when fill country finance is vacant, china already changed whole world stealthily. 1.3 billion Chinese and the huge labour market that produce from this and consumptive market are a tremendous temptation to Germany.
To increase world force, what the United States uses is a weapon, what Europe uses is viewpoint of value, what China uses is commodity. Today, there is ordinary little label on our jacket or DVD " China is made " ; Tomorrow, we will drive to produce the inexpensive car from China.
Apparent, the foreign country is capitalistic can go up from Chinese market cake the part of cut is smaller and smaller. Globalization means poor country to become rich -- especially China. Capitalist tide sweeps across world money quickly latent capacity area, germany also poorer because of this.
Will German future be what kind of? " the setting sun " big country? Be full of the history to accumulate, the travel resort of Gu Bao, green hill and lord car, the natural sanatorium of the Asian tourist of millions. Besides, other what outlet does Germany still have? is Chinese expert enumerated does the horrible example of two sky return money of German company person insufficient how? Accordingly, german company must cooperate with Chinese enterprise as soon as possible. Germany cannot miss future to expand opportunity, must learn the cooperative experience of globalization to China. China and other Asia country have more than 3 billion population, although prospective world becomes more democratic, also won't be the interest with beautiful Europe and mode are a center.
Somebody asks, are environmental pollution and society unjust whether can you make Chinese collapse of itself? Not, china won't trip falls in his foot -- although unemployed main forces will be right,social stability constitutes not small menace. Return somebody to think, camp of Chan Ping custom duty can the commodity onrush that intercept comes from China. But if one understands old factory manager of China to shake one's head,heaving a sigh, face everyday of 17 dollars cheap the competition of labour force, we are without the force that ward off blows. Germany is divested title of world exit champion is a time problem only.
We are standing in the inflection point of a times. The national try hard to catch up that numerous developed country is not being developed before by. This goes up in world history or first. The Chinese believes, a sleep deeply 100 sleep for years lion is about very quickly to awake. And German future decides finally at China.

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