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Tool of material of 3 water chestnut adds steel turning newly to use model bit i
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Tool of material of 3 water chestnut uses CVD coating cutting tool in steel turning " Super Diamond Coat UE6110 " 72 kinds increased in series model bit. New the razor blade that appear on the market is utility such as inward diameter treatment, provide bit implement 7 ° and 11 ° type. Negative model bit already appeared on the market on November 1, 2006, such, cutting tool sort achieved 321 kinds.
The coating of UE6110 forms is: (1) by come subtly the TiCN of Nm unit (azotic carbonization titanium) layer and crystallization grow generated Al2O3 (alumina) the layer forms " coating of accept rice structure " . The wearability that this coating can raise cutting tool and be able to bear or endure the sex that be short of caustic, prolong cutting tool life; (2) the Zhou Ren outside passing flowing razor blade, come true with adjusting speed and tall treatment precision steadily " Black Super-even coating " . This coating produces dissolve not easily to wear cut the bits unusual loss that cause, can maintain the stability of cutting for long.
The base material of new cutting tool was used exceed hard alloy, optimized internal composition and hardness profile, increased to be able to bear or endure the sex that cut bits and heat-resisting model are out of shape quality. Through combining afore-mentioned coating, production cutting tool can be used at rough machining, high speed the exercise such as efficient treatment, finish machining. Size range of pipe bent includes steel of the P1 of ISO standard, P10, P20.

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