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Russian government spreads out to Chinese bearing product turn over dumping inve
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On November 24 dispatch, russia bearing firm tries to stop Chinese person of the same trade. Should the requirement of business of ethical bearing production, russian economy grows a ministry to begin to enter the bearing product of Russia to undertake the dumping is investigated turning over to carrying from China.
According to Russia media coverage, russia bearing company grows ministry appeal to say to economy, the market inside Russia of congest of Chinese bearing product, quality is inferior, and it is illegal product normally, authorities ought to take this one problem seriously adequately, undertake with respect to this matter fact the dumping is investigated turning over.
On November 23, siweiyatuosilafusikaya of spokesman of company of Russian Europe bearing announces, china has 2000 bearing to produce a business about, only 400 companies have business certificate, managing legally. Having 10 companies participate in next building in Russia expert and technology, have 15 joint ventureses, count a company of pure foreign capital. She says: "Chinese leave no stone unturned conceals the source of own product, for this they establish company of go under sb else's name in European churchyard, supply pinchbeck bearing to Russia through Europe, stick on the product have corresponding ticket, trade mark also is made on the box that pack, demonstrate product is produced in Europe. Although add the freight that goes to Russia again next to Europe from China, the product price that comes from an Asia is lower than Russian product value also 0.5 ~ 1 times. Just about fact of this be related forces Russian bearing to produce business to develop a ministry to raise a requirement to economy, undertake investigating to coming from fact of bearing product dumping. Undertake investigating to coming from fact of bearing product dumping..
Company of Russian Europe bearing is growing the report middle finger of the ministry to go out to economy, 2002 ~ between 2005, russian bearing produces business to already was elbowed out to give home market, especially here Russian commodity dropped in the total sale portion on domestic bearing market 13.4 % , there are 70.7 % only now, and the share of Chinese bearing increased 7.4 % , achieved 7.9 % .
Swedish SKF company is stationed in Wusuofu of Russian agency director to point out, russia produces business demand government sector to undertake investigating to problem of Chinese bearing dumping, because Chinese product price is low,basically be, quality is poor, and copy risks well-known trademark. Russian capital invests gram of company analyst handkerchief to think, russian bearing industry asks the home made product in be opposite undertakes the dumping investigates main purpose turning over is to urge director branch to undertake to custom law certain amend. Although Russia produces business to had been done with course of study of the state-owend enterprise in including inside the preparation that foreign big company competes, but competition ability is inferior still, it is this to must raise tariff, strengthen what taste to importer to supervise, avoid ethical company sink to break down the brim.
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