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Two orgnaizations contend for speed per hour of life and death of defect of moto
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"At present the standard comes on stage to still have no schedule, we should make the best of time, continue to concern a ministry to the country, appoint, do, bureau report our appeal to beg, mirror our aspirations, and cannot inactive await, can miss an opportunity otherwise, dead crab becomes when arriving. Dead crab becomes when arriving..

Recently, on in-house conference in industry of Chinese dynamoelectric bicycle, face many general manager of company of each report motor-car, chinese bicycle aids committee member of chairman of committee of force car major, Jiangsu to save bicycle association director Liu Jinlong loudly appeal to the public: "I appeal, these 10 dynamoelectric bicycles make Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Heibei, Henan, Sichuan, Anhui and sell the association of big province or chamber of commerce, positive action rises, the manufacturer that organizes this province reflects a condition up jointly. The manufacturer that organizes this province reflects a condition up jointly..

Those who make Liu Jinlong fraught is, standardize technical center by countrywide car (abbreviation " steam mark center " ) uphold the dynamoelectric motorcycle that make and standard of dynamoelectric and light autocycle send go over a manuscript or draft and sign up for batch of draft already appearing in the newspaper in, get the country concerns sectional self-identity basically. If this standard is obtained,approve, many 2000 enterprise of industry of Chinese report motor-car imagines the life a gleam of. And the telegram of dynamoelectric bicycle new GB that sends a telegram by Chinese bicycle association approves draft to continue quite open to question.

Of the standard contend for

Freezing 3 feet, those who be not a day is cold. Since 2004, inside industry of Chinese report motor-car, incessant from beginning to end to the controversy of electric car standard Yu Er. "Electric car industry is in 3 this years all the time contend for a standard, I am running 3 this years every day standard. " Zhao Xuezhong of general manager of new day group says to the reporter.

New day goes 570 thousand producing per year the motor-car that sell electricity, plan 1.5 million to produce electric car this year. On June 2, always invest 2 billion yuan, the garden of industry of science and technology of motor-car of new day report that produces per year 4 million electric cars just lays a foundation. However, because the standard of electric car did not come on stage a few this years tardy, new day feels when the development with new formulate plans the bottom enrages inadequacy. "The standard is industrial policy of the country, standardization is the premise of industrialization, had a level, ability of industry of Chinese report motor-car develops healthily. " Zhao Xuezhong says.

In fact, till last year bottom, of the standard of electric car contending for still is confine undertakes in industry interior only.
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