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Car engine cutting tool is homebred change shallow analyse
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Since the car production such as our country and United States, Germany, Japan big country cooperates since producing a car, domestic car manufactory and tool manufactory are in all the time devote oneself to to realize car knife to provide indigenous chemical industry to make. "95 " during, basis " auto industry revitalizes compendium " the development target that raises auto industry to regard pillar as the industry is: On introduced foundation, the car technology that must build him our country develops a system. Outline puts forward a car clearly still to produce used technology and equipment to want home of basic base oneself upon. Ministry of former mechanical industry is used to production of our country car indigenous chemical industry makes cutting tool take seriously very, after Chengdu tool institute was undertaking many survey coordinates the work, put forward " 95 " evening, strive the breed of car cutting tool is homebred change rate achieve 60 ~ 70% , homebred the 70 ~ that change the cutting life of cutting tool to achieve entrance cutting tool 80% , in order to get used to the development of car industry, promote those who improve industry of our country tool to make technical standard.

Engine of limited company of Shanghai masses car the factory is homebred to realizing cutting tool change very pressing, the company is opposite early or late city of Hunan individual plant hard alloy factory, from tribute hard alloy factory, Harbin is versed in factory of factory of measure factory, Chengdu measure cutting tool, Shanghai tool works, Suzhou emery wheel, without Xi Aixi the enterprise such as the limited company that measure appearance undertook making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, invited a few famous tools of domestic to make an enterprise come to a factory undertake communicating, in all business car cutting tool is homebred change a major programme of lasting importance. In addition, my company still undertakes cooperative with Chengdu tool institute, held in Chengdu in May 1997 " Shanghai masses cutting tool, measure and knife complementary homebred change a symposium " , held indigenous chemical industry to make summary meet in Shanghai again this year in April. The factory is in engine of Shanghai masses car of Chengdu tool institute assist energetically below, through many homebred change an experiment, reach to partial cutting tool, measure complementary undertook batch is used admissive mixing, obtained good economic benefits, so far, shanghai masses engine the cutting tool of the factory is homebred change rate achieved 10% , annual but managing capital 300 thousand yuan.

The heart that engine is a car, it is the component with the mainest car, level of spare parts workmanship is general spare parts of car of prep above other, cylinder body, crock builds big planar treatment to use high speed milling, connecting rod is used go up craft, crankshaft journal rough machining developed a car -- the car helps new technology, bohringr company developed technology of the mill outside a kind of crankshaft again recently. A kind when Junker company produces sudden drop grinds a machine tool to machine camshaft journal. Cutting tool respect, cutting tool of coating cutting tool, pottery and porcelain, exceeded strong cutting tool to win wide application, CBN emery wheel is applied in the grinding treatment of crankshaft and camshaft. Milling cutter of range of line of factory cylinder body installs Shanghai masses engine hard alloy razor blade, milling rate amounts to 120m/min, the crock builds line range milling cutter to use PCD bit, rotate speed can amount to 2500r/min, cutting speed amounts to 1980m/min. Cylinder body, the fixed screw such as bottom outlet of crock lid whorl uses the Leng Shuangren inside integral hard alloy to get, getting of a flight of stairs, reamer; Cylinder body attacks whorl to use tap of cobaltic high-speed steel, crock lid attacks whorl to use tap of extruding of cobaltic high-speed steel; Aperture of thick boring crock uses bit of pottery and porcelain, aperture of crock of boring of essence of life is in the knife clip jacket mixes CBN bit, turn up 2000r/min, cutting speed amounts to 509m/min. Finish machining of cylinder body aperture uses Mapal reamer and boring tool of essence of life, crankshaft car -- the car broach that the car helps use Widia company, camshaft cam grinding uses CBN emery wheel, the Chan Ren that deep Kong Zuan of lid of cylinder body, crock, crankshaft, connecting rod uses TBT, Boteck and double knife gun are gotten. Litter lathe tool provides principle of collect new material, cutting, new technology, each technology such as finishing at a suit, have lot of high accuracy, longevity, gao Ke relies on the characteristic such as the gender, and the major cutting tool that uses in engine plant is special cutting tool, breed much, norms is complex. Because cutting tool is,one kind consumes a product, need every year to throw a large number of capital to buy foreign cutting tool, not only the cycle that offer money is long, and the stock that still needs to have certain amount, increased a car to produce cost thereby. From the point of long-term point of view, car cutting tool must go homebred to change this way.
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