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Contemporary engine cutting tool applies " contemporary " thinking
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Engine of limited company of Beijing contemporary car ministry (the following abbreviation " contemporary engine " ) be in from 2002 suitable justice since developing zone of Lin He economy builds go into operation, 4 years produce per year a quantity to increase 300 thousand from 50 thousand, rose this year in August, they produce the plant that can be 200 thousand in the northern part build of workshop again, its develop speed to cannot call unhappy. The case of the respect is used in cutting tool to see contemporary engine, the reporter covered contemporary engine ministry machine Li Bin of job shops section chief is advanced engineer.
He introduces without preamble to the reporter: The characteristic with contemporary engine the biggest plant is automation degree taller, automation of machine treatment product line leads Yaokeda to arrive now 98% , when nooning, the machine stops ceaselessly, come true basically 1 hour nobody turn production.
Treatment craft decides cutting tool is chosen
Current, breed of Chinese car market is various, competition is intense, onefold breed goes against the market to have rate, the production confusing a line that lid of cylinder body of contemporary engine plant, crock and product line of crankshaft machine treatment can realize 6 breed respectively (β 1.6L/1.8L/2.0L and α 1.4L/1.5L/1.6L 2 series) , product line is used firm soft use nimble production means. Because this used machining center of horizontal of 1G above high speed in great quantities, manufacture efficiency to rise, box type of main shaft of tradition of the outclass on cutting parameter choice, especially rotate speed, used cutting tool of all sorts of high speed cutting so.
With aperture department treatment is exemple, use for the most part double inside Leng Shizuan is provided (20 Kg/cm2 of cooling fluid pressure) , cut a bits and the demand with cooling and lubricant edge in order to satisfy high speed getting; Use the cutting tool getting bore with a reamer of the syncretic that get bore with a reamer at the same time, obtain process amalgamative purpose, use German GUNRLING product now. From side of cutting tool data, to get used to requirement of craft of high speed cutting, be like,use new-style data extensively: Tall cobalt kind hard alloy, pottery and porcelain, CBN, diamond; Aluminium is chosen to make bit body in milling treatment; Special cutting tool is used in working procedure of crucial finish machining, be like: What Kong Jingjia labour uses mouth of crock lid valve and vessel is MAPAL (Germany) .
Develop at full speed as current science and technology, the metallic cutting cutting tool of new material, new structure will be ceaseless emerge in large numbers, to machining craft development is having promote action actively, the implementation in satisfying mass production ceaselessly thereby is efficient with high quality purpose, cutting tool of cutting of new-style in this one process high speed is reliable assurance.
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