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Mark of countrywide cutting tool appoint ability of branch of meeting, tool appo
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Ability of branch of tool of association of industry of tool of machine tool of committee of technology of standardization of countrywide cutting tool, China appoint meeting 2006 annual meeting in October 2006 18 ~ are in 21 days Shanxi Taiyuan is held jointly. Delegate of the committee member that attends the meeting, committee member, specially invite is represented in all 35 people, association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool attends a meeting at Comrade Saiyuan and made important speech.
The conference is listened to and examined knife mark appoint secretariat about " countrywide knife mark appoint 2006 year of 2005 ~ secretariat working report " report. In a year of in the past, knife mark appoint secretariat is below each branch secretariat and concerned unit support, edit in metric system, standard information and seek advice, international standardization, mark appoint the respect such as routine of meeting, secretariat did a large number of works, organize those who achieved 34 states level and 8 occupation standard to make in all edit, finished cutting tool to standardize each task in the round.
Knife mark appoint secretariat reported 2007 ~ to congress 2008 national metric system, build plan project. Reported 2005 ~ mark of 2006 year knife appoint the circumstance of income and expenses that membership due, website net expends.
Mark of knife of secretary-general of branch of tool of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool, whole nation appoint advisory Shen Zhuang went on the meeting to make " the Chinese tool industry that high speed develops -- industrial opportunity, problem and challenge " special subject report, delegate attending the meeting discusses ardently to reporting content undertook, the problem that faces in current market economy with respect to respective enterprise and challenge, adopted the way to deal with a situation had development communication.

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