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Construction of railroad of our country high speed introduces German technology
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Railroad of border of Beijing ferry city introduced German technology through international invite public bidding, will be with this germinant both sides of the heart in strengthening is expanding the more thorough cooperation in process of system of Chinese railroad network. A few days ago, "Chinese railway ministry and group of German Fu Shuntong aid career of force China railroad to start a ceremony jointly " hold in Beijing, formal autograph restricts Chinese railway ministry and group of German Fu Shuntong, group of German Fu Shuntong offers high speed switch to transfer a technology for project of passenger traffic of railroad of border of Beijing ferry city, purchase combine rail to buckle a system.
The railway ministry says, this collaboration with group of German Fu Shuntong, hold to according to " introduce an advanced technique, design production jointly, make Chinese brand " overall demand, through changing a technology with the market, take the approach of ability trade union, own innovation. This also happens to have the same view with the management concept of Fu Shuntong group.
From invite public bidding, bid open sealed tenders, judge mark and give mark, whole process is strict from beginning to end according to " invite public bidding of People's Republic of China bids law " current regulation undertakes plan of law waiting for a law and international, achieved open, justice and fairness. The work is introduced in invite public bidding in, undertake comparing choosing introducing to multilateral technology, the content that makes over to foreign industry technology, plan and effectiveness made strict provision, the demand is foreign and overall make over an advanced technique; Requirement abroad collaboration just offers a technology for domestic company service and groom, improve domestic company design, make the technical standard with quality administrator, in order to make our country PDL (PassengersDedicatedLine, high speed railroad) the engineering company of the project can comprehensive, master foreign advanced technique systematically.
According to introducing, system of traffic of track of inside of Beijing ferry city is full-length 115 kilometers, a speed per hour is satisfied after building the requirement of 200 kilometers train. This project already was in start working was built last year in July, plan to built in December next year, threw operation in July 2008.
The railway ministry expresses about the personage, railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed also will at near future start working, in addition still special railway line of passenger traffic of railroad of more than 10 high speed plans to be built in nearly two years of start working. To 2020 railroad of our country high speed will achieve 100 thousand kilometer.
According to reporter understanding, before this, railway ministry and German Fu Shuntong already were signed respectively the technology is made over and purchase a contract, it is Olympic Beijing namely - Tianjin and Wuhan - Guangzhou (after building, this home's longest passenger transport special railway line will reach speed per hour 300 kilometers) , guangzhou - circuitry of project of Shenzhen PDL passenger transport offers technology of high speed switch to make over reach purchase combine rail to buckle a system. Additional, fu Shuntong group already with CTRB (Inc. of treasure chicken bridge) signed freeboard fast crossroad technology makes over an agreement, will be Chinese home jointly with CTRB all sorts of PDL circuitry offer such 150 many crossroad. At the same time ~ began Fu Shuntong group 2008 2007 hill of invest in elder brother, build joint-stock manufacturer, can offer opportunity of obtain employment of talent of about 300 high-tech for China.
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