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System of homebred numerical control is assuming foreign brand
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Yesterday, the contest of skill of numerical control of the 2nd whole nation that the six ministries and commissions such as labor department hold holds prize-giving plenary meeting in people congress hall. System of homebred numerical control shows itself from inside system of foreign capital numerical control, make system of unique without reason barrier.

According to introducing, on this contest, of our country own research and development China in numerical control system, with Germany Xi Menzi, Japan sends the system of foreign numerical control such as that division to be the same as stage athletics. In be as long as 8 days, everyday the high strenth fact of 16 hours holds finals in, configuration is homebred China in the system of machine tool of 26 numerical control of numerical control system, did not appear any obstacles, and foreign product has breakdown to appear.

To this, do not be willing to disclose the personage introduction of the full name, numerical control system is machine tool equipment " cerebrum " , it is the strategic hi-tech of safety of relationship nation industry and national defence safety. However, long-term since, abroad of be enslaved to be enslaved to of system of our country numerical control.

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