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Below picture of Chinese fastener prosperity be short of break
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Wide Summer 2006 hand in meeting sampling statistic to show, our country exports a product 50% to stick a card, 29% without brand, only 21% is have have brand oneself.

China has been become attract worldwide attention " world plant " , regard machinery as 3 large bases especially one of fastener, be short of below prosperous picture lost a lot of important segment, on one hand, our country has the company of company of technology of own intellectual property, core, it is almost 0; On the other hand, "China is made " itself, also existing a lot of problems.

The employee of business of a fastener of foreign mentions to the reporter: "The Chinese fastener manufacturer of our adversary still is far from before long before, imperceptible between had developed can the level that as cheap as our company product has competitive. " fastener equipment is very tall to the requirement of product reliability, oneness, the cold Dui engine that Taiwan produces gains ground inside in great quantities, production force has gotten proof China fastener bigger rising is best example. But China still is put in the weak point with obvious move in fastener product production side.

The personage inside course of study thinks, the weak point with Chinese fastener the biggest company produces quality quantity to be not stabilized namely, although China has incomputable fastener company, but the good and bad are intermingled. After at the beginning of abroad purchases business from Chinese enterprise, undertaking quality is checked, the phenomenon that still produces the fastener that supplies quality to have a problem is absent a few. The character that Chinese fastener creates is the difference that one kind cannot catch up with Japan, Germany, Korea absolutely, high strenth fastener basically is security personnel, common says is " the product of special working procedure " .

Fastener manufacturing industry of China forms the history that dimensions is not worth 20 years, product production experience is still shallow, many enterprises are profiling copy, imitated get along, accordingly, the enterprise is faced with serious inadequacy of the talent, "Want to have a look actually in fastener business workshop only, can discovering is young employee everywhere " .

Compare with photograph of foreign transnational corporation, the weak point that Chinese fastener makes reachs problem of skilled worker worker, skilled worker, senior skilled worker shorts, especially advanced cold Dui labour, rub silk labour, have high pay help wanted everywhere. No matter fastener manufacturing industry of China develops have many fast, will need time 10 years to breed knack worker at least henceforth.

Domestic fastener manufacturing industry passes these year development, had had the capacity that shares international competition in certain level really, actual strength of capital of company of prior of a few development is quite abundant, capable to buy the advanced production equipment of advanced course to assure character, at the same time artificial charge very cheap, really already occupational partial market share, but majority enterprise still is done not have from rise at all the administrative concept of class oneself, live oneself place the sale in equipment to go up originally, however oversight of system perfect the program with the strategy. Of the education of the perfect, talent of the system and technical research and development study, this ability is the difference with advanced the biggest level of Chinese fastener and world.
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