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Make with application innovation is out of line instrument bearing industry be a
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"Present train driver is much more comfortable than before, carry 5 times continuously because of the course fast later, the train is safer than before instead, among them main reason was to have system of a central control. Every train moves in respective moving interval, when to need decelerate, when to need to stop, central control system can issue a statement. Centrally controls indication screen of the system to go up, the wheel that connects the train can look very clearly. Accordingly, train driver needs the business that do, more it is the accident situation that processing produces temporarily, for example somebody traverses suddenly railroad. Can say even, although terrorist hijacked the train, central control system also can take lash-up step, avoid to appear major malign event. " it is on T103 second train, an official that works in the railway ministry says so.
And on the overhead road of north and south that is in Shanghai, when going up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern, the taxi driver tells a passenger so: "The traffic illume of whole now town, not be to resemble pressing hour to leave in that way in the past, closed, however an illume according to switch of automata of degree of radial light and shade controls a system. However an illume according to switch of automata of degree of radial light and shade controls a system..
These two instance that the reporter experiences personally, no matter be,explained from a flank in national economy in running the daily life that still is people, instrument appearance and our relationship is closer and closer.
Of industry " the nerve center " with final safe protective screen
The result of economic globalization, very possible meeting creates a few states is " brains country " , additionally a few countries are " truncal country " . China regards a developing as big country, must already trunk has head again, and instrument appearance just is brains " the nerve center " , also be final safe protective screen.
Why does the home become the introduction according to director of guild of Chinese instrument appearance, class of instrument appearance breed is various. Among them, the biggest to industry of national economy pillar and major equipment influence, it is automation control system and trunk spot appearance and instrument of crucial and accurate test, very big market develops a space. With applying extensively at the DCS of industrial domain (dispersive model the number controls a system) for exemple, market of our country DCS is in what rise and develop to grow at present period, still lie from large project progressively to medium or small project, from advocate applied domain (wait for an industry like petrifaction, chemical industry, electric power and metallurgy) progressively to entire industry limits (wait for a domain like municipal, food, building materials, environmental protection and traffic) patulous phase, the market is remote without saturation. Especially in recent years, many domestic company uses advanced DCS to transform traditional industry in succession, the DCS manufacturer that attracts the whole world changes the look to China the market.
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