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Shi Jiao should be done " king of Chinese cutting tool "
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"To this year the end of the year, entire county will have 25 companies sales revenue to cross 100 million yuan, 3 companies sales revenue crosses 1 billion yuan. " a few days ago, when Xiang Xuelong of secretary of Li water county Party committee accepts a reporter to interview, express, at present stone low-lyingponding town had been taken " king of Chinese cutting tool " right of administration, still will establish tool association recently, help manufacturer apply a brand.

According to introducing, stone low-lyingponding town has cutting tool company many 130, many 300 cutting tool is machined door, the 4 large class number such as mould of tool of metallurgy fittings, explosion proof, cutting tool, machine tool 1000 breed. The product sells each district of past whole nation, product of partial cutting tool already exported South Asia, Euramerican area in recent years. Invest the market of Hua Dong tool of 26 million yuan of construction this year, cover an area of a face to accumulate 30 mus, next year bottom 2 period after building, can induct travelling merchant many 200, become Huadongde to the tool of mechanical cutting tool with area the largest scale is revealed and trade center, become research and development of a market, design, production, sale, product to show the base of large tool industry at an organic whole.

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