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Pattern of sensor industry future is analysed
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Sensor technology is the forward position technology of modern science and technology, sensor industry also is the has development outlook hi-tech industry that domestic grandfather knows, it with its technology content tall, economic benefits is good, permeate ability prospect of strong, market is wide wait for a characteristic to be fixed eyes upon for common people.
The expert of respect of our country automation appeals: Complex system is at present more and more complex, automation has been immersed in trough, its basically are so formerly those who pass feeling technology is backward, behave on one hand lag behind in what feel information side for sensor; Also behave on the other hand for sensor oneself is changed in intelligence and the technology of network respect lags behind.
Analytic instrument industry is pressing need new-style sensor. Analysing an instrument is the base that our country science and technology, economy and society expand continuously, no matter be in the domain such as project of safety of control of industrial procedure control, medicine of establishment agriculture, biology, environment, food and even aerospace, national defence, all urgent need is the miniaturization that of all kinds and new-style sensor regards information as to absorb a source, special change, brief with change, the family is changed (even personification) new generation analyses an instrument, realize more acute, more accurate, faster, more reliable ground to detect in real time, analyse the backward situation of the instrument with changing our country quickly.
And the technology is driven is the assurance that accelerates sensor technology development and good luck. Come a few years, it is a foundation with microelectronics technology, promoted the development of sensor technology. Future 10 ~ 20 years, traditional silicon technology will enter autumn (forecast for 2014 ~ 2017) . At the appointed time, chip of diametical 300mm silicon will be used at production in great quantities, make the applied technology that the low cost of silicon makes technology and silicon will get unprecedented development, this will produce the new-style sensor such as miniature sensor, intelligence sensor to provide technical safeguard for development undoubtedly. Look from overall development, traditional silicon technology will continue to 2047 all the time (namely transistor invents 100 years) just tend saturated (the limit that reachs chip feature size namely) with decline. And current microelectronics technology will still depend on abide " etc shrink than the principle " and " rub Er is mensurable " two foundations rule steps down, in endeavoring to approach limit of traditional silicon technology, of ceaseless and patulous silicon interdisciplinary transverse applying (wait like MEMS) with the breakthrough " parts of an apparatus of physics of blame stable state " (parts of an apparatus of quanta, element) , and afore-mentioned microelectronics technology developing two general orientation are current and even future the main development direction of technology of 20 years of sensor.
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