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2008 China (Shanghai) hardware tool purchases Fair
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Begin time: 2008-6-23
End time: 2008-6-25
Hold a place: Store of Shanghai world trade
Contact: Stone forest
Connect a telephone call: 021-62242250/607
Sponsor an unit: Starfish brightness shows limited company on
Undertake unit: Tool of British Birmingham hardware is exhibited

Walk into ToolShanghai2008

ToolShanghai2008 is Chinese area is aimed at etc of horticultural tool, dynamoelectric tool exclusively the professional export trade of tool of burgeoning exit hardware is exhibited. ToolShanghai2008 results from long hardware exhibits European history, share abroad exhibit meeting audience resource. The audience of ToolShanghai2008 90% will be abroad buy the home, set TradeOnlyDay to be opposite only abroad buy the home to open look around. ToolShanghai2008 will devote oneself to to be exhibited for home business and abroad buy the home to build a major, all-around the communication platform that business affairs solves, offer the smoother way that leads to global market for domestic manufacturer.

Infinite business chance

Industry of our country hardware with annual the growth rate of 15% develops smoothly, year total production value amounts to 180 billion yuan of RMBs, exit amounts to 8 billion dollar. This among them dynamoelectric tool, hand moves the characteristic hardware goods such as tool, gardens tool growth is apparent, had made the dominant trade that hardware product exports, drove the rapid development that hardware product whole exports adequately. ToolShanghai2008 focusing popular hardware product exports the market and trend, await your participation!

Abroad support is exhibited meeting

Hardware tool exhibits British Birmingham

Limits of item on display

Tool hardware kind

The hand moves tool of tool, dynamoelectric tool, pneumatic tool, hydraulic pressure tool, special type power, home to install besmear to brush tool, professional tool, diamond tool, solder to cut material, measure a tool,

Build hardware kind

Silk screen of fittings of hardware of fittings of hardware of the product that nail silk, door window, furniture, Weiyu hardware, metal, conduit joins, hardware of hardware of of all kinds decorate, other building

Daily expense hardware kind

Of all kinds lock, knife cuts product, tableware, cooking utensils, kitchen to provide, metal fittings of hardware of appliance of treatment of fittings of hardware of box bag hardware, tonsorial hairdressing appliance, kitchen, family expenses food, dress, other daily expense

Gardens appliance kind

Gardens tool, gardening equipment, gardens catchment irrigates equipment, gardens uses Tie Yi goods, outdoors garden to use furniture, barbecue camp all sorts of lukewarm room of equipment and picnic equipment, garden and equipment, gardens decorate equipment of recreation of article, garden, beach chair and beach umbrella
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