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2008 China (Shanghai) hardware of international building adornment and lock exhi
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Begin time: 2008-4-10
End time: 2008-4-12
Hold a place: Store of Shanghai world trade
Contact: Zhou Jing
Connect a telephone call: 021-54973280
Sponsor an unit: China builds adornment to decorate material association
Undertake unit: Abstruse exhibition plots Shanghai life limited company

In recent years, chinese economy lasts, rapid growth, construction dimensions expands ceaselessly. Shanghai grows rate as China the fastest international is metropolitan its develop speed to be fixed eyes upon for common people, creates GBP already occupied 1/5 above of the whole nation. Fixed assets of Shanghai whole society invested amount to amount to 261 billion yuan 2005, furniture property total production value breaks through 120 billion yuan, residential complete area amounts to 3100m2 10 thousand, world rich was met 2010 of place and project of project of form a complete set start and carry out, add the progress that is this city new vitality again. Construction of house of assembly room of Shanghai world rich and design of engineering of form a complete set, select material will be started in the round 2005. At the appointed time Chinese building adornment decorates material association and Shanghai world limited company of abstruse exhibition plan is held in store of Shanghai world trade " 2008 China (Shanghai) exhibition of hardware of international building adornment, lock " and decorate the series activity such as seminar of seminar of hardware, lock, special subject with the construction that postpones meeting form a complete set general.

Previous term or session is exhibited can attract come from 17 countries such as Hong Kong of China, United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgian, New Zealand, Spain, Holand, south Africa, Egypt, Malaysia, China and area ginseng of many 120 unit is exhibited. The heavyweight look forward to that constructs field of adornment hardware, lock domestic and internationally also appears in succession this second exhibit meeting. Exhibition of 3 days has more than 10000 professional technology personages to come round to look around, include: Unit of manage of construction company, inspect, material produces major of hardware of contractor of business of development of unit of building designing institute, construction, estate, building, building the personage inside the course of study such as management department of building of unit of business, distributors, scientific research, government and official of Olympic Games Organizing Committee. Include international to collect compose organization to share professional personage of 600 much abroad to look around inside this second exhibit meeting, to advance China the building decorates hardware, lock farther accurate hold market pulse, strengthen an industry to interior is communicated and enlarge the window that the industry publicizes external. "2008 China (Shanghai) exhibition of hardware of international building adornment, lock " a when be sure to become stimulative China to build adornment hardware and lock technology and material to produce an enterprise to develop main platform, she will reveal China to build the product that adorns hardware, lock to develop course in the round, the hope passes current exhibition, initiate China to build the new phase that decorates hardware, lock jointly.
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