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Harbin of 2008 China · machine tool of the 5th international and industry patte
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Time: In April 2008 23-25 day address: Does   pig  sails Ji goes quite?
Sponsor an unit:
Heilongjiang saves Economic Commission to sponsor an unit: Northward industry and commerce shows limited company

Support an unit:
Heilongjiang saves Heilongjiang of bureau of mechanical equipment whole set to save mechanical Joint Industry Conference
Heilongjiang saves machinist Cheng to learn Heilongjiang to save heavy-duty and general mechanical guild
Heilongjiang of Chinese sensor guild saves plastic guild
Heilongjiang saves Heilongjiang of association of machine tool tool to save metallurgy guild
Heilongjiang saves petrifaction guild Heilongjiang to save institute of plastic industry science
Heilongjiang saves plastic project to learn Heilongjiang to save association of electric equipment industry
Heilongjiang saves Heilongjiang of head office of electrical engineering facility to save automation to learn
Liaoning saves mould association Jilin to save mould association
Heilongjiang saves Heilongjiang of head office of electric power goods and materials to save machinist job designing institute
Heilongjiang saves Heilongjiang of medical designing institute to save metallurgy designing institute
Heilongjiang saves Heilongjiang of textile industry designing institute to save petro-chemical designing institute

Support an unit:
Net of business of machine tool of China of net of equipment of industry of China of net of tool of Chinese machine tool
" modular machine tool and automation processing technique " Harbin of net of machine tool of China of China mechanically-laid web can exhibit machine tool of net of net China mould to show a network
Commercial net mould shows 10 thousand countries net

Exhibit can review classics of —— all previous 4 years, industry distinguished gathering
Machine tool of international of the 4th Harbin and industry pattern exhibition in March 2007 15 ~ day is held successfully, the exhibition area of 12000 square metre, 307 standards are exhibited, no matter from extend meeting scope or achieved on audience amount all previous most. What show a company 4 years through north is arduous run, what Harbin international machine tool and industry pattern exhibition had visited an area with Heilongjiang is other and congener exhibit can pull open class, powerful growth momentum gradually establish its Heilongjiang saves ” of “ machine tool the first chief position that exhibit. Exhibit in previous term or session on the meeting, strange Xia Mier of Ningxia small giant, Switzerland A, Taiwan assist letter of Lu Na of grand, Shandong, Guangzhou closes, thinking of swell of heart of city of one machine, peaceful, Nanjing, Shenyang strides Shenyang general numerous, the item on display that they bring all represented current international advanced level and technology. This also makes we have sufficient reason to believe, the machine tool exhibition of northward exhibition is Heilongjiang province area the product commerce platform that has value most, IT communication platform and platform of industry development trend.
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