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Harbin of 2008 China · machine tool of the 5th international and industry patte
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Potential of Heilongjiang market development is tremendous
Regard essential industry of the country as base, the equipment that Heilongjiang realizes to attach most importance to a dot with Harbin, Qiqihaer makes industrial assemble. Report of key development water and electricity, fire, nucleus report, wait for power station whole set to equip, construction home is top-ranking, the power station facility that position owns on international creates base. Develop machine tool of heavy-duty and mechanical equipment, heavy-duty numerical control, construction our country's important heavy equipment creates base. Develop new-style miniature car, car and engine, lorry of fast, burden reachs railroad crane, plane of branch line plane, new-style multipurpose and helicopter, take the way that internationalization cooperates, construction our country's top-ranking traffic carries equipment to create base. Bearing of low noise of burden of accurate and appearance of quantity of development numerical control, complex cutting tool, accurate high speed, new-style agriculture equipment and produce treatment equipment, solder technology and equipment. Increase army taste core development; Ability, develop weaponry of new and high technology, form ammo of weapon of system of power of vessel of multipurpose military airplane, ship, suppress, aviation, electron foundation of weapon of equipment, new idea, for military use is new-style material and foundation, small arms and alarm wait for 8 main forces to taste development with equipment base and industrial group. To 2010 productivity of power station whole set raises 14 million kilowatt by 8 million kilowatt, productivity of heavy-duty and mechanical equipment raises 150 thousand tons by 35 thousand tons, miniature car and car productivity raise 600 thousand by 300 thousand, miniature engine productivity raises 1.2 million by 500 thousand, productivity of branch line plane achieves 34, other plane productivity achieves 240. Industry of manufacturing industry of dimensions above equipment increases a value to achieve 38.3 billion yuan, year all grow 20% . Build home the outstanding, modern equipment that has stronger international to contend for force unexpectedly produces top-ranking, distinguishing feature manufacturing industry of major equipment of base and world machines an area.

2008 Heilongjiang provinces will develop 6 big properties group, build 6 large base, advance industrial structure to optimize in the round upgrade
Industry of manufacturing industry of Ⅰ development equipment group, build modern equipment to create base.
Industry of industry of Ⅱ development petrifaction group, build the petrifaction industry base with top-ranking country.
Industry of industry of Ⅲ development energy group, build base of northeast area the sources of energy.
Industry of industry of food of Ⅴ development green, characteristic group, build the throughout the country's important food industry base.
Industry of industry of Ⅵ development medicine group, ” of medicine of north of “ of construction our country produces base.
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