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Harbin of 2008 China · machine tool of the 5th international and industry patte
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Ⅶ develops timber industry property group, build our country's important timber industry base.

Ginseng extend range:
★ machine tool kind: Mill of machine of cut of machine tool of of all kinds machine tool and mould treatment facilities, machining center, electric spark treatment, numerical control machine tool, line, engraving tool, machine combining a model, coordinate grinds cutting of machine, metal the machine tool, milling machine, boring machine, grinder, drilling machine, sawing machine, machine that fold a turn, plane shear, punch;
★ mould kind: Mould design, make, technology of makings of mould fittings, material, standard component, accessory, model base, model, auxiliary processing technique and equipment, CAD/CAM/CAE, , heat treatment technology and equipment, surface machines aggrandizement polish model of technical equipment and material, plastic pattern, Leng Chong, v;
★ cutting tool, measure, clamping apparatus: Polisher, card (clip) , fixed position and lock decide all sorts of device, measuring instruments implement (watch) , cleaning machine of agent of oil of cutting tool, abrasive, cutting, lube, drawing of patterns, ultrasonic, dynamoelectric, hand is moved, tool of pneumatic, pneumatic, hydraulic pressure, explosion proof; Cutting tool, measure measures the appearance, fittings, machine that make bid to wait;

Ginseng exhibit expense:
Standard of ★ indoor international is exhibited (3m×3m)
Domestic company: 6000 yuan / exhibition period; Foreign enterprise; 2000 dollars / exhibition period; Horn rise 10%
Exhibit an equipment to include 3 boarding (horn two sides) , negotiate one piece two desk, chairs, shoot a the lamp, 220V twice
Basket of power source electrical outlet, paper and congress unite made company name lintel board.
★ is indoor clean ground (hire since 36 square metre)
Domestic company: 600 yuan / enterprise of square metre, abroad: 200 dollars / square metre; Smooth ground does not contain design of proper motion of the any establishment, beard that postpone business to build, when building, need to can exhibit a center to hand in 10 yuan / the construction administration fee of square metre.
★ outdoor exhibit an area (case lease an area 10 square metre) : Field price pattern 3000 yuan / 10 square metre, offer a piece freely
Negotiate two desk, chairs.
Advertisement of ★ proceedings of a conferences: Cover: 10000 yuan. Back cover: 8000 yuan. Inside front cover / inside back cover: 6000 yuan.
Chromatic foldout: 5000 yuan. Black and white inside page: 3000 yuan. Ginseng audience certificate 1000 yuan / 10 thousand pieces.
★ exhibits an advertisement: Vaulted door: 5000 yuan / exhibition period. Balloon scroll: 2000 yuan / exhibition period. The scroll inside hall 1000 yuan
/ exhibition period. Other advertisement is discussed additionally.
Professional technology communicates news briefing of meeting, new product: 3000 yuan / hour / , sponsor an unit to offer the establishment of form a complete set such as field, desk and chair, measuring projector and articles for use, assist enterprise of give a lecture to organize audience.
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