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The 3rd 2008 China (Wen Ling) industry measure exhibition
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Invite professional audience with the means such as short message, express, phone, invitation

With the whole nation guild cooperates related each, constituent group is purchased, look around exhibit meeting

Carry organization of foreign trade of orgnaization of national foreign trade, each province, city, invite a foreign trader to look around, purchase

Limits of item on display

Industry measure exhibits an area:

Cutting tool of accessory of the cutting tool, measure, clamping apparatus, instrument that measure appearance, machine tool, numerical control, hard alloy, hand uses a tool, dynamoelectric tool, pneumatic tool, automatic tool,
Tool of products of pneumatic cutting tool, hardware, bearing, building

Stuff of all sorts of raw material, metal, grind an abrasive to wait

Product of relevant form a complete set, of all kinds pack, the cutting fluid, antirust oil, machine that make bid

Be versed in measure application exhibits an area:

Machine tool of cut of lathe, milling machine, grinder, sawing machine, line, numerical control, machining center, solder electric equipment of equipment, machine tool, hydraulic pressure yuan parts of an apparatus, heat treatment, coating is set
Wait fully

Exhibit meeting time, place

Report for duty cloth exhibits: On November 7, 2008 - 9 days (8: 30-17: 00)
Showpiece time: On November 10, 2008 - 12 days (9: 30-16: 30)
Opening celebration: On November 10, 2008 (9: 30-10: 00)
Remove extend time: On November 12, 2008 (15: 00)

Exhibit meeting site: Lukewarm mountain city sports center

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