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Exhibition of tool of hardware of CIME2008 Beijing international
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Begin time: 2008-5-8
End time: 2008-5-10
Hold a place: China International exhibits a center
Contact: Huang Feng
Connect a telephone call: 010-68641253
Sponsor an unit: Electric current of machine of current association hardware connects Chinese mechanical and electrical products association of mechanical business management of professional committee China
Undertake unit: Beijing Ao Chi can exhibit service limited company

Exhibit meeting setting

Extend meeting advantage: Original dominant position, confidence assures

By federation of manufacturer of European hardware Electromechanical, industry of Korea hardware machinery is revitalized meeting, federation of manufacturer of German hardware equipment, hong Kong productivity is promoted bureau, the whole world crosses a country to purchase a center, consortium of a person of same business of industry of Taiwan area machine, support energetically and Chinese mechanical and electrical products is current association, association of Chinese mechanical business management, industry of Electromechanical of international of the 4th Beijing sees the CIME2008 that sponsors jointly exhibition of meeting and tool of hardware of 2008 Beijing international already on May 8, 2008 - the center is exhibited 10 days to hold in Beijing China International, before 3 are exhibited can attract those who come from 11 countries such as Germany, Italy, United States, England, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and chinese mainland and area to add up to ginseng of many 1280 enterprise is exhibited, show an area 35000 square metre, the standard is exhibited 1600 many, include Chinese lathe line of business group of machine tool of big boss Shenyang, yilaikesi group, 2 machine of Guangzhou machine tool, Hangzhou machine tool, Nanjing, Xin Feng is mechanical; Korea is contemporary case inferior, (individual plant) can think of special; Italian FIDIAS.P.A company, OMCG company; Steely company, Shi Mai surpasses machine tool of numerical control of accept of German history guest, Aibaier company; Japanese sanded Dick, FANUC, Gong Ye, ridge this, machinery of machine of wild village essence of life, long Gu Chuan, brother; British Ha Man; HAMMOND; American handkerchief Lai restrains company, ASCO company; Get division (Canada) ; Group of Taiwan Europe horse, Li Wei, friendly fine, combine beauty of Xin Feng, glad, advantage complete, on one machinery, Fu Cheng, develop large bamboo hat of sincere machinery, Teng Shun, Li Cheng, bright and beautiful annals, fine; Day of hero of benefit of Hong Kong wisdom, Dong Tai, shake, general, luxuriant with industrial reach home famous presswork package machine manufacturer new machine of group of domestic Zhejiang Wu Tai, Henan, Shenzhen east Jing Wenhong and our city enterprise embellish of general, go smoothly, become direct ginseng to exhibit.
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