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The 6th China (Guangzhou) international hardware tool is exhibited
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Begin time: 2008-6-16
End time: 2008-6-19
Hold a place: China exports a trade fair Pa continent exhibits a house
Contact: Qin Feng
Connect a telephone call: 020-38880410
Sponsor an unit: Guangdong of branch of industry of machinery of stimulative commission of China International trade saves group of medium of business affairs of BMC of mechanical guild Germany
Undertake unit: Guangzhou beauty Sha Zhenwei international shows limited company

CHT2008: Send get the better of tool can't afford to lose the opportunity

-- the industry that Guangdong is banner China is saved greatly, area of delta of its Pearl River is China's largest manufacturing industry base, have company of many 30 industry, the production value that waits for a domain in car, mould, home appliance, hardware, IT, shipbuilding especially occupies 1/3 above of countrywide;

-- industry of Guangdong building adornment is in relatively lead position in China, the building that has aptitude decorates an enterprise to amount to 4728, have 200 much people from personnel of course of study;

-- the level of maintenance industry technology of Guangdong is in lead position in the whole nation, have company of vehicle maintenance and repair many 30 thousand, from personnel of course of study 40 much people, only Guangzhou city has many 5000, total service ability achieves many 470 second, have 80 thousand much person from personnel of course of study;

-- Guangdong is base of China's main furniture production, exit, have more than 8000 production company, from personnel of course of study nearly 1 million person.

CHT2007 exhibits can review: Dedicated specialization at the internationalization of hardware tool commerce platform

CHT2007 exhibits at the height of power and splendour of meeting battle array, assemble come from 13 countries and area 272 ginseng postpone business, include: Rich generation is electric tool of tool, hardware of history red benefit, thunder horse (Germany) , day establishs project aircraft business (China) , Japanese KTC tool is met day of company limited of tool of friendly electron of company, day, Japan believes gas.

CHT2007 attracted 183.2 million professional audiences that come from 47 countries and area, basically come from maintenance of equipment of building adornment, transportation, furniture to make, electronic information is made, machinery is made, the industry such as hardware commerce. The internationalization of its audience group, specialization and higher decision-making layer proportion, accomplished the distinctive glamour of CHT.

CHT2007 extends business evaluation

As " world tool expert " we attend in Hua Na first " tool of hardware of the 5th international is exhibited " , exhibit the collect on the meeting this a lot of important information, it is very important that this develops Hua Na market to us, CHT2008 we will exhibit again richer product.
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