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Make imports and exports balance schedule improvement trade new politics will co
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Knowing is intended still be coincidence, department of Commerce chose to be in trade number was announced in September before today, released " business affairs develops eleventh compendium of 5 years of programs " pertinent information.

" compendium " in the most conspicuous part is, department of Commerce expresses clearly, controlled 2010, imports and exports should achieve fundamental balance, this is Chinese government first time establish specific timetable evenly for imports and exports.

But although was announced on October 12 custom statistic shows, the favorable balance of trade September is 15.3 billion dollar, a few months come first fall after a rise, but the accumulative total of favorable balance of trade September still achieves 1 ~ this year one hundred and nine billion eight hundred and fifty million dollar, exceeded last year the favourable balance of annual. The estimation with the at present most conservative industry is, at least of annual favourable balance is controlled in 150 billion dollar.

That is to say, the job of acceptance of Department of Commerce is, in 4 years of future, want the favorable balance of trade Chinese nearly 200 billion dollar considerably pare.

And official of Department of Commerce is being accepted when interviewing, also disclosed " 915 " during the way that the foreign trade that is about to have reforms, among them the target of main adjusting control that improvement trade continues to become Department of Commerce.

Blow low exports code or the near future is released

As China the first therein long-term business affairs develops overall planning, " compendium " the drafting time that one year or so had passed before this.

" compendium " in to goal of foreign trade field stating is: "2010, target of adjusting control of imports and exports is 2.3 trillion dollar, year all grow 10% to control, imports and exports achieves fundamental balance. Export structure and benefit are improved apparently, integrated competition ability rises apparently, own growth ability increases apparently. Own growth ability increases apparently..

Chief explanation says related Department of Commerce, department of Commerce will promote commerce 5 years integrated benefit henceforth, carry out attestation of social responsibility level in export business stage by stage, establish industry admittance standard, reasonable report exports the labor cost of commodity, environmental protection cost and resource cost, reduce the extensive vivosphere that exports a company.

Department of Commerce is being prepared all the time this year publish new castigatory " investigation of act of shocking low exit and condemnatory regulation " , according to this regulation, if the enterprise discovers to there is a company inside course of study of one's own profession with be being exported under industry cost price, can complain to concerned branch.

The official that supports this policy thinks, the company that exports to low undertakes investigating penalty, not only can strengthen an industry to control oneself, reduce trade friction, and can avoid partial enterprise to use dominant position of case of the low labour force, low cost that does not take environmental protection measure, wasteful resource to be changed, low, rob the company that pays attention to social responsibility " rice bowl " .
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