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Industry of numerical control machine tool is badly in need of policy giving aid
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Wonderful clew: On the fair of machine tool of all previous China International that holds in Beijing, foreign ginseng exhibits the machine tool of advanced numerical control that the manufacturer represents to its reveal to cannot be sold on the spot without native government approval. When manufacturer of system of foreign famous numerical control is selling advanced numerical control system to China, all do not make up crucial function. Although " Paris plans as a whole committee sets " cancel already on name, but the import side that western country reachs component of its form a complete set, component in advanced machine tool to China, substantial embargo, limitation and discrimination never had stopped however. The machine tool of advanced numerical control that Chinese enterprise wants to buy abroad should make a report to them first, guarantee against is used at martial end, tell them the use place of the machine tool even, accept them selective examination. Every this a variety of make clear, product of advanced numerical control machine tool is by no means general industrial product, machine tool industry is had super- the strategic position of general industry value.
Machinist job is the fundamental industry of national economy, of machinist job develop, it is to measure one country the important sign of industrialized degree. Machine tool industry is the foundation of machinist job, it is offerred to machinist job " machine tools " . In modern machine tool industry, mainstream product is numerical control machine tool. Its assemble the much discipline skill such as pneumatic of accurate machinery, computer, communication, hydraulic pressure, photoelectricity, have the characteristic of efficient, high accuracy, tall automation and Gao Rou sex, it is the foundation of contemporary and mechanical manufacturing industry and core. Developing numerical control machine tool is the inevitable choice on national industrialization road. The user investigation that association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool organizes for many times makes clear, manufacturing industry of war industry of spaceflight, aviation, national defence needs machine tool of large, high speed, nicety, much axis, efficient numerical control, the numerical control machine tool that manufacturing industry of car, autocycle, home appliance asks efficient, Gao Ke relies on gender, tall automation and whole set are flexible product line, high accuracy of need of manufacturing industry of equipment of power station equipment, petrifaction of shipbuilding, metallurgy, orbit transportation equipment, heavy-duty the numerical control machine tool that is a feature, the class of rice of accept of hi-tech industry requirement such as project of IT, biology, inferior the machine tool of superprecision numerical control of micron class, the industry of the traditional manufacturing industry such as project machine, agriculture machinery upgrades, the development of civilian battalion enterprise, also need many numerical control machine tool.
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