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Hair change appoint: Equipment of equipment of homebred and great technology wil
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National hair changes appoint Chen Bin of industrial department vice director expresses, send at present change appoint pressing the State Council jointly with concerned branch " about promoting a certain number of opinions of equipment manufacturing industry " the policy that the requirement studies to make homebred and crucial equipment and key domain equip. Auto industry " 915 " the program is finished basically already, entering a newspaper to approve phase at present.
Chen Bin discloses, at present national hair changes appoint jointly with concerned branch according to " opinion " requirement, research makes the policy of homebred and crucial equipment and key field equipment. Among them, the concerned branch of the policy that offers taxation privilege to equipment of equipment of homebred and great technology already in principle is preliminary reach unanimous opinion, the country will advance the development of equipment manufacturing industry in the round 2007. He still says, should carry out a country the system that major project project has assessment to policy by expert group.
Chen Bin still discloses, auto industry " 915 " the program has been finished, already entered a newspaper to approve phase now. The main goal of the program is, own innovation obtains auto industry materiality achievement, the structure obtains apparent effect, safe, environmental protection, resource uses a technology to achieve international advanced level, auto industry maintains steady growth, made industry of national economy pillar 2010.
2010, quantity of car produce and sale predicts to will achieve 9.5 million, realize a car truckload the balance of amount of imports and exports and value. In the meantime, large company group should have the product that approachs world advanced level to develop ability, other car company should have dominant product and batholith to provide ability and the capability with truckload and synchronous development. Should form produce a business to two cars of 2 million above, the autocycle that forms a certain number of furniture to have international advantage produces a business. Realize a car to retain hard the quantity breaks up time, fuel wastage growth does not exceed the target of 50% , the market that improves own brand car is had rate.
In addition, carrying in the round economy car develops while high yield tastes energy-saving, environmental protection, safe level, drive mixture motivation car, add the special car variety of hi-tech content, increase special vehicle proportion, realize new car to 2010 100 kilometers oily bad news compares average bicycle to reduced the goal of 15% 2005. In the meantime, want to raise a car to discharge control level further, to " 915 " evening is homebred of the enterprise discharge control to achieve international basically advanced level. (Gao Jianfeng)

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