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Hair change appoint again course of study of iron and steel of superintend and d
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Hair change appoint the announcement that make known to lower levels can undertake clearing urging step of structural adjustment of iron and steel industry about adding iron and steel newly to Heibei province to produce last week, only after two days, hair change appoint industrial department was held by the part the hair that visit town changes appoint, classics trade appoint, the forum that association and enterprise attend, supervise and urge further the place clutchs the adjustment that fulfils next year and eliminate the job. The expert inside course of study expresses, fall into disuse backward produce can " pull one hair and use the whole body " , each square profit gain weichis and balance, contributive person is skimble-scamble wait for a problem to make its feed rate cannot make decision-making layer satisfactory from beginning to end, and also came out to relevant technology policy now different sound.
Bottom of Heibei next year is finished eliminate the job

Because steely course of study falls into disuse,lag behind produce can pressure and obstruction are tremendous, make send change appoint schedule must fall into disuse to lengthen in what will decide formerly this year. Because be the key of steely structural adjustment a year next year, send so change appoint this informal discussion field listens to each district carry out iron and steel industry the executive effect of policy of macroscopical adjusting control, the new condition that structural adjustment of discussion iron and steel industry eliminates backward face to face, offer working key and proposal. Industry manages superintend and director that thinks this is backward to falling into disuse next year job guides.

Data shows, predict the Heibei that holds 21% steel output of countrywide this year saves steely enterprise to amount to 202, but the company that has steelmaking capacity among them has 88 only however. The 300 stere that Heibei province includes national time limit to wash out limits and the following small blast furnace and 20 tons of yield that reach the following small converter, small hot plate can, occupy complete province to always be produced respectively can 45% with 27% , it is the whole nation washs out the province with the biggest job.

Heibei province hair changes appoint concerned personage expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, next week Heibei province will announce the first batch of need to fall into disuse backward produce can mix the list of equipment company, the amount is about 20 go to 30, next year still will be announced in succession, overall objective is to next year the bottom is finished entirely eliminate the job.

Give out doubt by look forward to of steel of concussion civilian battalion

The proposal that by chamber of commerce of course of study of metallurgy of federation of industry and commerce of China whole nation expert group submitted one recently reports, put forward to produce the different sound of policy of can relevant technology to falling into disuse from professional point of view.
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