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China and combination of German car line of business advocate use cleanness derv
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Beijing of information of Xinhua News Agency on November 22 report (the Chen Xiehui austral the reporter) Beijing international car is exhibited during holding, the theme that initiates jointly by association of Chinese auto industry and federation of German auto industry is " clean derv, achieve get tomorrow " derv car tries drive an activity, 20 days are pulled open in club of car of Beijing gold harbor prelusive. The gist of this second activity is derv of supportive use cleanness.

Association of Chinese auto industry expresses about the personage, derv car is mixed in managing the sources of energy reduce greenhouse gas to discharge a respect to have distinct advantage, accord with a country about building resource managing, environment is friendly model the requirement of harmonious society, must try to emphasize in the development of current China auto industry.

Chinese derv is multiplied multiplied 2005 with the car with car total output 3.97 million in occupy only 1.2% , it is the model that the oldest diesel oil has to change development space and latent capacity in homebred car. In the meantime, homebred and light-duty also need to raise derv to convert share further with miniature commercial vehicle.

  Thomas of chairman of union of German auto industry Dr. Schlick expresses, pure derv fuel is fundamental premise, namely sulfur content is highest for 15ppm. In this respect, the development of Europe of Japanese prep close behind, big range carries out the fuel that do not have sulfur. The derv that the United States also begins to use 15ppm replaces the diesel oil containing sulfur of 500ppm.

Meisaidesi - run quickly, the Chinese manufacturer such as the German brand such as BMW, Ao Di, masses and Chang'an, Great Wall, resurgence, and numerous in the development existing state of affairs that heart car component, oil tasted a manufacturer 20 days to show clean derv car to people jointly and advantage. Car of current Beijing international is exhibited on, the own brand such as strange luck, Hua Chen rolled out derv to multiply the item on display that use a car.

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