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Northeast revitalizes tough policy of old industry base to publish collective
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On November 27, reporter know includes afore-mentioned significant move inside a series of policy measure had been written into by clear ground " northeast area revitalizes program first draft " next abbreviation " program first draft " .
The creed sex file that this directive and northeast area revitalizes has passed expert evaluation, the 3 feedback opinions that visit one area are collecting each ministries and commissions and northeast concentration.
An expert that shares evaluation discloses, " program first draft " still will be on each foundation of honest opinion undertake modification, predict this year the end of the year or next year the beginning of the year report the State Council to examine and approve.
Emphasis of 8 big programs promotes economic policy more specific
" program first draft " the lock is key of 8 great attention surely: The situation that face; Guiding ideology and promote a goal; Stimulative industry is optimized upgrade; Advance transition of resource city economy; Harmonious area develops; Rise can expand capacity continuously; Enhance development vigor and bestow of policy make plans to carry out a mechanism.
On October 26, the State Council revitalizes northeast to did in Beijing to hold working conference and expert the 3rd times to seek advice from group meeting, the conference revitalizes northeast to do vice director Song Xiaowu to chair by the State Council, be opposite technically " program first draft " launch brains storm again.
The reporter understands, comprehensive program series is right on the meeting " northeast area promotes a program " undertook reporting, by academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, country " 915 " highway of land of member of program committee of experts holds the post of an expert to sought advice from the group group leader, advisory group that includes more than 10 senior experts such as Liu Changming of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to comprise to have proof to program text version, hair change appoint each department bureau, northeast 3 provinces one area hair changes appoint, what the concerned leader of total bureau of national environmental protection attended the meeting and plan is perfect offerred a proposal.
"Revitalizing to perfecting especially very specific support gave out on economic policy. " an expert attending the meeting is evaluated so, this is " a certain number of opinions that the Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council promotes the strategy about carrying out the old industry base such as northeast area " come on stage more than 3 years to come, northeast area place expects all the time.
Solve capital problem: Increase bank credit support
Statistical data shows: 2002, northeast 2005 total output value of 3 provinces area year all grow 13.9%% , and the fixed assets of the corresponding period invests year all grow be as high as 30.5%% .
On this foundation, " program first draft " promoting a goal for what northeast area puts forward is, "915 " during area total output value year all grow 11%% , total output value of area of average per capita achieves 24800 yuan.
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