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The Ministry of finance announces value added tax of product of numerical contro
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Ask for regressive problem first about value added tax of product of numerical control machine tool, total bureau of Wu of tax of state of Ministry of finance notices batch of article at was being given out formally to each district recently, listed the list that can enjoy business of drawback of value added tax of product of numerical control machine tool.
According to this " announcement " , come from January 1, 2006 on December 31, 2008, to including " announcement " the product of numerical control machine tool that the production of company of numerical control machine tool of accessory sells, adopt the measure that imposes value added tax to return 50 % according to the amount of tax to be paid of real pay appreciation again by the regulation first. And returned tax payment is special the technical reformation that will be used at the enterprise, environmental protection, energy-saving fall the research development of bad news and product of numerical control machine tool.
Afore-mentioned " announcement " right the limits of the product of numerical control machine tool that can enjoy policy and meaning gave limit clearly, its limits covers demonstrate know exactly about sth charges tool of component of system of machine tool, numerical control, function, numerical control. Among them, "Numerical control machine tool " it is to show with the program the instruction controls cutting tool to press the machine tool that gives speed of working program, motion and contrail to undertake be machininged automatically. "Numerical control system " the department is comprised by driver of controller, servo and servo drive electric machinery, have operation to relevant data through the program and have pilot system to process of machine tool treatment. "Functional component " the device of main form a complete set that is numerical control machine tool, include guide screw of workbench of library of main shaft unit, knife and tool carrier system, circumgyrate and dividing head, ball and scroll guide, defend system, cooling system. "Numerical control tool " point to the tool that is used at numerical control machine tool to process work.

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