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Energy-saving enterprise hopeful wins privilege of enterprise income tax
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Su Ming of assistant director of institute of science of finance of Ministry of finance expresses 28 days, after foreign capital enterprise income tax incorporates inside, privilege of enterprise income tax will press an industry and not be enterprise of endowment of inside and outside will make carry out.
Su Ming is in " 2006 China enterprise is energy-saving with can forum of effect high level " on say, at the appointed time, the industry is used integratedly, the enterprise hopeful inside the industry such as water of energy-saving, section, agriculture, environmental protection, new and high technology enjoys income tax privilege policy. He expresses, our country government is undertaking study to wealth tax policy, in order to give energy-saving and replace the sources of energy to the industry supports necessarily and tilt.
Suming suggests, in the government regular in the budget, establish energy-saving defray course, increase a budget to be opposite energy-saving investment; Energy-saving enterprise and energy-saving product offer certain privilege on enterprise income tax, value added tax, consumption tax and custom duty. In the meantime, perfect the tax system of environmental protection respect, build mineral products resource to use protect a mechanism with zoology, raise level of resource duty the amount of tax to be paid, pursue reform of mining industry tax.
The Ministry of finance already came on stage a few days ago " but second birth the sources of energy develops special fund to run temporary measure " , to this one special fund give aid to key, declare reach examine and approve, financial management, assessment is supervised etc make comprehensive provision.
Basis " method " , but second birth the sources of energy develops to special fund will be aided financially with free and borrow money pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange two kinds of means, the key gives aid to the oil such as derv of fuel of development biology alcohol, biology replaces a product.
In building heat addition, heating and refrigeration but development of second birth energy uses a field, capital gives aid to the key the heat energy of solar energy, ground promotion in the building applies. In the meantime, in but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity respect, give aid to the key wind energy, solar energy, marine can wait for the promotion application that generate electricity.

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