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The application of efficient cutting tool promotes gear to make technical progre
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In current gear manufacturing industry, the technology of tooth form treatment of each company is roughly same. Car gear great majority uses technology of tine of the top gem after gear hobbing, shave ages and be being heated up, a few enterprise and partial car company use technology of the roll flute after gear hobbing and heat, and course of study of burden positive drive uses grinding work rolling heat generally art.
Gear hobbing held 70% above share in respect of the treatment that make a tooth-like part of anything, use sense of high speed gear hobbing great. To realize high speed gear hobbing, gear-hobbing machine must raise tigidity, enhance the drive power of hob head, improve function of numerical control, servo, implementation temperature compensation is waited a moment, also want promotion to use high-powered, efficient cutting tool at the same time.
The hob data that in be being produced at present, uses is given priority to with high-speed steel, also use hard alloy sets a hob or hob of hard alloy of integral powder metallurgy. High-speed steel hob uses coating processing more, the cutting tool material such as the M35 that exemple as usual uses, M42, A4, apply TiN coat, its matrix tenacity is good, coating heat-resisting, wear-resisting, prevent collapse blade, cutting rate can rise to 120 ~ 150m/min. The hob of integral hard alloy that uses legal system of figuration of pulverous metallurgy agglomeration to build, also have better effect. This kind of cutting tool passes coating processing, cutting rate can rise 250m/min above, axial feed can achieve 3 ~ 6mm/r. And want equipment condition to allow only, but implementation doing is cut. Use dry cut can reduce the oil that cooling fluid of original use cutting brings the mist pollution to the environment, and the performance with excellent cutting tool of hard alloy coating makes its service life is lengthened greatly, can reduce finished cost.
The hob when gear hobbing and workpiece are equivalent to the worm worm wheel of a pair of mutual clench the teeth, according to the pattern that extends continuously, the edge of linear tooth form of hob wraps subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy to cut workpiece involute tooth form. Roll the treatment that cuts treatment to want to be sequel, if the roll flute after the shave tine before heat treatment or heat treatment stays,have appropriate mental allowance, tine root part is machined in gear hobbing come a requirement. Hob rotate speed is higher, head number is more, cutting time is shorter. To improve efficiency, besides raise hob rotate speed and feed rate beyond, answer to use bull hob as far as possible. Increase a number to be able to raise cutting rate apparently, reduce number of cutting blade cutting, be helpful for hob cut, decrease wear away, improve cutting tool life. Hob is general and commonly used 2 ~ 4, also have 5 ~ 7.
The diameter that increases hob and knife chamfer number can increase the ply that cut bits, also can improve productivity. But because cutter diameter gets place of machine tool structure,be restricted, increscent margin is not big, increase knife chamfer to count the intensity that can affect tooth below a lot of circumstances, reason appeared will two, 3 alveolar close and be the double tine hob of one or 3 tine hob. This kind of hob can be used at already thick cut, also can use at essence of life to cut. Cutting dosage can be increased after tooth intensity rises especially, improved cut bits to form a condition, the requirement edge that still can get used to heavy cut is whole where a thing can be put to best use is sound distributinging cutting area. Compare with common hob photograph, efficiency raised 4 ~ 6 times, friend often says attach most importance to cutting hob.
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