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The innovation of traditional turning technology
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The innovation in technology of traditional ISO turning and hi-tech replacement scheme are euqally principal
Paying close attention to the advanced technique of and so on of turning of material of such as tall hardness, superfinishing, dry type and high speed turning quite because of a lot of lectures, seminar and professional journal, and the development in technology of traditional ISO turning is backwater it seems that it seems that not before. But fact however far from is such. Ascribe resembles much direction turning for example such technology has more breathtaking productivity to rise normally and cost is reduced also can obtain through be not traditional replacement scheme, but normally start cost wants low much. With the hard alloy material of stylish qualitative grade research and development makes if the bounds between turning of hard data nicety appears to becoming punch-drunk,ISO turning is mixed. The qualitative order and degree of new hard alloy material that had such as TP1000 and TP2000 and so on, to ISO turning, we are apart from solve traditional dilemma -- treatment cutting tool is crucial, but they should spend so much money -- more took one step.
In engineering group, all things around move rise productivity and reduce cost. "Productivity " it is to be in inside calm time the eligible product amount that produces with existing manufacturing facilities. The totle drilling cost that acquires these products is expenses of cost of cost of material, cutting tool, machine tool cost, salary add the company that waits for cooling, safe, infrastructure of general overhead expenses aggregate.
If we see cutting tool only, so raise quality and taller cutting parameter to offer the opportunity that increases productivity. Through using appropriate cutting tool is mixed reduce cutting parameter and lengthening cutting tool life to reduce cost is the likelihood that belongs to other element. Although cutting tool cost holds the proportion of totle drilling cost lesser, but anyway, add cutting tool life to totle drilling cost have openly effect. Circumstances differs because of cutting parameter: 20% meetings increase to cause manufacturing cost to be reduced considerably on name (for example 10% to 15% ) and still increase productivity apparently. If anyway we raise cutting rate substantially, cutting tool life drops, then the product that we need more cutting tool a future life to produce same amount. Purchase personnel for alleviation (purchase a budget) with manufacturing manager (productivity) mutual the interest conflict between, the business that should do next is the cutting tool with more advanced research and development and cutting material.
Provide TP1000 and TP2000 like hill tall knife for example material of such new generation hard alloy pledges grade acts main part. Raising cutting parameter to prolong cutting tool life again already now is likely. TP1000 and TP2000 form tide of the 2nd suboptimization in ISO turning (reduce cost and improve productivity) foundation. Optimize support the following 3 respects: Good cutting tool, correct cutting parameter, machine technology knowledge goodly.
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