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How to choose appropriate bougie
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Care dot touchs the precision between - how to choose appropriate bougie

One of crucial factors that have be explorationed effectively are the choice that has measuring head bougie, whether can touching the precision with measure a feature and assure certain when the contact is the issue that the person that use ought to consider mainly. Current, the sort of bougie is very much, included all sorts of appearance make material with what differ. The article has the key the description to the main detail of bougie, with helping you detect for what differ the task chooses appropriate bougie.

What is bougie?

Bougie is coordinate measures the one part of machine, basically use touch measure workpiece surface, make the machine shift that measures a head, generation signal sparks and collect to measure data. General bougie is by a lever and ruby ball set is become.

Through needing metrical feature, you can judge the type that ought to use probe and dimension. In measuring a process, the tigidity of requirement bougie and the appearance that measure a needle are achieved as far as possible first-rate degree.

A: Measure needle diameter
B: Overall length
C: Shank diameter
D: Effective job length (EWL)

Overall length: Those who point to is the length that secures a face to reach the center that measure a needle from bougie hind

Effective job length (EWL) : Those who point to is the distance that arrives to be nodded with the bougie that measures diagnostic happening obstacle commonly from the center that measure a needle

Choose the principle of bougie:

To assure certain measurement precision, going up to the use of bougie, you need:

- bougie length as far as possible short: Bougie bends or deflective bigger, precision will be lower. When be being measured accordingly, use short probe as far as possible.

- join dot is least: When be together bougie and lengthen lever join every time, you are additional introduced new bend potentially and deformation point. Because this is in applied process, reduce connective number as far as possible.

- make measure a ball as far as possible big

Main reason has two:

Make ball / the gap of lever is the biggest, as a result of,decreased so " rock " and the likelihood of false triggering
Measure ball diameter can weaken the surface that be measured relatively not the effect that polishing causes to precision
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