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The sort of semifinished product -- the checkup of part drawing
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When formulate machining procedure, select right semifinished product correctly, have very big effect to the treatment quality of the spare parts, material is used up and machining man-hour. The dimension of apparent semifinished product and appearance approach finished product part more, the amount of labor of machining is less, but the production cost of semifinished product is higher, answer so according to production program, integrated consideration semifinished product is made and the expenses of machining decides semifinished product, in order to get first-class economic benefits.
(1) cast
Cast applies to the part semifinished product with more complex form. Its cast a method to sand mold is cast, nicety is cast, metal mold is cast, die-casting. More commonly used is sand mold is cast, when semifinished product precision asks low, production lot is lesser, use method of modelling of wooden model handiwork; When semifinished product precision asks tall, production lot is very big, use method of model of metal mold machine. Cast material has the nonferrous metal such as cast-iron, cast steel and copper, aluminium.
(2) forging
Forging applies to intensity to ask tall, appearance compares simple part semifinished product. Its forging the method has free forge and die forging two kinds. Precision of free forge semifinished product low, mental allowance big, productivity is low, apply to sheet pre production and large part semifinished product. Precision of die forging semifinished product tall, mental allowance small, productivity is tall, but cost is high also, apply to medium or small of part semifinished product large quantities of mass-produced.
(3) profile
Profile has hot-rolling and cold pull two kinds. Hot-rolling applies to dimension the semifinished product with bigger, inferior precision; Cold pull apply to dimension the semifinished product with lesser, more expensive precision.
(4) weldment
Weldment is the wool blank that solder according to needing to wait for profile or armor plate and becomes, it goes to the lavatory simply, manufacturing cycle is short, but need to undertake machining via the ability after ageing treatment.
(5) cold stamping workpiece
Semifinished product of cold stamping workpiece can be close to finished product ask very much, be in small-sized machinery, appearance, light industrial application of electronic product side is wide. But because strong tool set is provided costly and use at only large quantities of mass-produced.

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