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PLM -- the foundation of manufacturing industry informatization
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Enterprise informatization, especially informatization of manufacturing industry enterprise, no matter how are you classified, combination, analyse, forecast, or it is any way that want with you will evaluate, define it, final, enterprise informatization ends for 4 main business fields, by 4 kinds place of main IT information system is represented, it is respectively: Bottom of large bamboo hat tries hang down Biao?ERP) , supply catenary government (relation of SCM) , client manages (CRM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) . The organic union of system of these 4 kinds of information, made the main component of enterprise informatization. The enterprise is OK the circumstance according to oneself, face some kind of specific business problem, choose a kind or a few kinds of systems come the business that compose builds him informatization frame system. The viewpoint that the sort of thinking that enterprise informatization implements ERP system namely is very one-sided and harmful.

What is PLM?

How defining PLM is a very serious problem, because it conduces to the market understanding to PLM, conduce to be used in what PLM popularizes in group of manufacturing industry client and carry out. But those who make a person regretful is, because PLM is the informatization field with a very fast, newer development, about this on one hand research achievement is not much still, and the opinion that the of a few advisory company that pursueing this respect research, manufacturer still has a few to differ between each other, accepted PLM defines neither one and explain accordingly. Here lists those who give a few well-known advisory companies to give out to discuss, hope reader can benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom, from which the point of view with a few pairs of oneself enterprise informatization good construction mixes derive thought.

The viewpoint of CIMdata

PLM is the commercial strategy of informatization of a kind of enterprise. It carries out the business solution of one a complete set of, person, process and information effective ground is compositive together, action at whole industry, the product that all over all previous arrives from the concept the complete lifecycle that discard as useless, the synergic research and development related support and product, management, distribute and use a product to define information.

PLM is enterprise and the frame that its supply catenary to constitute product information. It forms by a variety of informatization elements: Disclose of Cuo of  〖 border sunlights? if XML, inspect calculate, cooperation and company application are compositive) , information makes a tool (if ECAD and MCAD, technology are released) , core function (if data storehouse, documentation is mixed,content management, job shedding and program manage) .

The viewpoint of Aberdeen

PLM covered the product lifecycle whole process that is born to die out from the product, it is one is opened, each other operates, whole applied program.
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