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Jiangsu province is popularized energetically " group get blade to grind a techn
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It is the broach of an entrance at the same time, hit 10 aperture not know clearly; It is a common broach at the same time, grind via the blade of different geometry angle, same material qualitative armor plate made 30 Kong Hai can continue -- the wisdom that Chinese skilled worker was full of among this. A few days ago, suzhou labor and social security bureau are held " cutting tool of Hu Guojiang gold provides achievement of atelier of division of inheritance of craft of skill Great Master and skill Great Master, name to popularize the job to meet " . Announce at the same time on the meeting: Since 2007, "Group get blade to grind skill " will regard the professional mastery of a skill or technique that studies one of module to include our city machine to machine kind of senior worker worker surely as appraisal.
In mechanical manufacturing industry, "Kong Jia is versed in " 1/3 what the amount of labor of craft wants to take whole amount of labor. It is broach of a fried dough twist euqally, through essence of life accurate blade is ground, can cope with the bore of all sorts of different hardness plank; The actor bad that broach blade grinds, matter to every quality that processes work directly. And have China own intellectual property, was awarded golden qualitative medal and certificate of merit by U.N. World Intellectual Property Organization 1986 " group auger " , indicated the Chinese's wisdom adequately, skill of grinding work of its broach blade is in almost below the premise of 0 cost, land of get effect instantly improves work efficiency 3 to 5 times. However, it is this skill, in our city machine at present processing technique is versed in the can master adroitly person in person and graduate of professional technology school is few and far between.
The our city is already Hu Guojiang old person of many years old 70, be completely state-owned name " golden cutting tool provides skill Great Master " , be " group get blade to grind skill " top class character. Since 2002, to make Hu Guojiang big this kind of skill of division not be lost, the our city held water " cutting tool of Hu Guojiang gold has studio of skill Great Master " , the school of a few ability in the our city and groom the center undertakes popularizing. Rose last year, suzhou technician institute jointly with " cutting tool of Hu Guojiang gold has studio of skill Great Master " go ahead of the rest is pilot, wove groom outline and plan, wrote groom teaching material, made " group get point model " , pilot result is effective and feasible; Not only student echo is good, still got the student is in the welcome of the enterprise graduating.
For this, by Suzhou labor ensures a branch to wait take the lead, the decision is popularized in whole town since next year " group get blade to grind skill " . Rose in Feburary next year, the our city will is opposite above all the vestibule school with the machine professional treatment such as machine tool of open lathe work, benchwork, numerical control, machining center gives lessons the teacher undertakes grooming, then includes the obligatory course with professional treatment of vestibule school machine Cheng this course since September.
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