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Of hard alloy broach reasonable choose
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In the past, people thinks to get all the time cut treatment to must be below inferior feed and cutting speed undertake, the treatment that this kind of viewpoint is using common bit once was correct below the condition. Nowadays, as the occurrence of hard alloy broach, got the concept that cuts treatment to also produce change. In fact, through choosing appropriate hard alloy broach correctly, can rise substantially auger cut productivity, reduce cost of labor of every Kong Jia.
The main type of hard alloy broach
The cent of hard alloy broach that can choose for the user is 4 kinds of main types: Broach of integral hard alloy, hard alloy but broach of dislocation razor blade, solder hard alloy broach mixes type can change broach of coronal of hard alloy tine. Every kinds of broach has the advantage that fits specific treatment requirement.
(1) broach of integral hard alloy
Broach of integral hard alloy is comfortable use at be on advanced machining center. This kind of broach uses material of fine grained hard alloy to make, to prolong service life, still undertook TiAlN coating is handled, the geometrical blade that designs technically make broach is had from centering function, getting the good control that cut bits and platoon bits property are had when cutting most workpiece material. Make precision of this broach can ensure from centering function and strict pilot of aperture auger cut quality, auger after cutting, do not need to have follow-up precision work again.
(2) hard alloy but broach of dislocation razor blade
Installation hard alloy but the broach of dislocation razor blade can machine bore diameter limits very wide, treatment depth range is 2D ~ 5D (D is bore diameter) , applicable rotates at lathe and other treatment machine tool.
(3) solder type hard alloy broach
Solder type hard alloy broach is firm on steeliness getting body solder coronal of tine of a hard alloy is made. This kind of broach is used from centering geometry blade model, cutting force is small, to most workpiece material all can realize the good control that cut bits, the aperture appearance that treatment gives is bright and clean had spent, dimension precision and fixed position precision are very tall, need not have follow-up precision work again. This broach is used inside cooling means, can use at machine tool of lathe of machining center, CNC or sex of other Gao Gang, high rotate speed.
(4) can change broach of coronal of hard alloy tine
Can change the new generation that hard alloy ages coronal broach is to be developed in recent years is gotten cut cutting tool. It gets body and the tine of integral hard alloy that can change to the coronal is combined and be become by steeliness, with solder photograph of hard alloy broach compares style, its machine precision to be about the same, but because age the coronal can change, because this can reduce finished cost, rise auger cut productivity. This kind of broach can obtain increment of accurate bore diameter dimension to be had from centering function, precision of bore diameter treatment is very accordingly tall.
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