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The 3rd 2008 China (Wen Ling) industry measure exhibition
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Especially big project: Invest 150 million yuan, area the industry measure of 40 thousand square metre trades the market, already pressed down start working in Wen Jiao in March last year, after building, will become country
The project with the biggest dimensions estimates market of cutting tool major

Exhibit meeting conduct propaganda

Professional media: With tens of home major magazine and website cooperate, publish, release exhibit meeting information

Public media: Zhejiang is in thick and fast before exhibiting the important media such as daily of newspaper of business of state of daily, stage city daily, stage, lukewarm mountain is released exhibit meeting information, and to city of Zhejiang, stage,
Media is released related the circumjacent area such as bridge of Wen Ling, road, Wen Zhou exhibit meeting information

Visiting certificate (exhibit dispatch) : Presswork not less than 100 thousand pieces exhibit meeting visiting certificate (exhibit dispatch) , extend through much channel in audience hand

Create special promotion department: Pass phone contact to communicate directly, send invitation letter, in exhibit related the whole nation user conduct propaganda is faced directly on the meeting, as collective as professional media
A variety of forms such as promotion, invite relevant travelling merchant to attend a meeting negotiate.

Sponsor orgnaization conduct propaganda: By the manufacturer that sponsors an orgnaization to invite relevant industry extensively, agent, distributor, user, government decision-making personage, advanced purchase business,
Professional personage attend a meeting attend negotiate

Email: Use the database with constituent huge unit, and the mailing address with newest basis, will exhibit meeting and relevant activity to wait for a form through email, short message
Release go out

Outdoors advertisement: In the whole nation main be geared to the needs of the job sells administrative division of the market and Wen Ling, stage each are big public, release with outdoors advertisement form exhibit meeting information

Press conference: The press conference is held before exhibiting, release exhibit meeting series information

Buy the home to invite

Organization only class, provide person specially assigned for a task or job, amass staff, center energy to invite buy the home

Mail, distribute, give 100 thousand pieces of visiting ticket, invite before purchasing business, professional audience, will order goods

Establish department of the service that buy the home, collect technically buy the home and the material of the orgnaization that buy the home, build the database that buy the home

Constituent person specially assigned for a task, to the whole nation promotion of each professional market conduct propaganda is exhibited meeting, invite buy the home to negotiate, order goods

Group person invites to countrywide relevant exhibition purchase business
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