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Harbin of 2008 China · machine tool of the 5th international and industry patte
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Contact means:
Northward industry and commerce shows limited company
Address: International of date of?01 of Qu of Ji of soot of  have diarrhoea can exhibit a sports center 504 rooms
Postcode: 150090
Phone: 0451-82273709, 82273867, 82273721
Fax: 0451-82273710, 82273869, 82273720
Contact: Han Jing (13845112320)
E-mail: LY_5110@126.com

Ginseng exhibit detailed rules:
Ginseng exhibit an unit to be in receive invite postscript but direct to undertake sheet offers application, ginseng exhibit an unit to fill appropriate ginseng to exhibit contract book, undertake via after unit affix one's seal is approbated, be being passed unit, undertake the unit will arrive to be arranged orderly early or late by the paragraph exhibit, exhibit after deciding, join please exhibit an unit prepaid 50% book gold, after subscription is received, affirm namely ginseng exhibit exhibit, send ginseng exhibit manual, more than on Feburary 1, 2007 before paid can.

Cloth exhibits notice:

Be installed especially or demolish exhibit an interval board, pursue at the effect will be being designed before April 15 please, ichnography, elevation, exhibit board the construction after tearing open outfit sketch map to reach the circumstance that use phone to sign up for organizing committee careful, decorate material and electrical wiring to must do fire prevention processing.
Install especially exhibit cloth is exhibited outside must collecting use, shape, the means that assembles inside field, reveal height not to exceed 6 meters.
Install especially exhibit the person that cloth exhibits the change outside must collecting use, congress is exhibited by every board 30 yuan of collection are exhibited board change one's costume or dress cost. The standard exhibits a lintel board to be united by congress make, installation, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to need to change or tear open outfit lintel board, can offer application, charge pays additionally.
If your need is hired by exhibit, negotiate desk, contact with us beforehand please.
Propagandist promotion:
Use a variety of conduct propaganda means, publicize current exhibition adequately
1, the government pulls a hair to move local industry business to attend a meeting look around, purchase.
2, popularize through the public media such as this locality and circumjacent area newspaper, TV station.
3, the media such as more than 20 professional magazines, website undertakes optimizing assorted, propagandist promotion.
4, current exhibition will direct finally with joining the requirement that extends trade to be, exhibit experience through running industry for years, database of built giant and professional audience (many 300000 information) . Through phone, fax, email, straight mail, visit wait for a form to invite each industry the professional audience of each administrative levels looks around, bend force lets join the ginseng that exhibits business to gain satisfaction to exhibit the effect, let join postpone business patulous in short time more business. Serve to postpone business at joining heart and soul, with ginseng postpone business collective progress, joint development.
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